Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Party's OOOOVER

I used to hate when my mom would sing that to me after birthdays or vacations but, sadly, the party(ies) really is over. It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks and they have been totally awesome.

Saturday morning my mom treated myself, my sister, and D to mani/pedis at our favorite spot. I've never been one for "girl time" or "girls days" but I think I may be changing my mind. Hanging out with your mom, sister and best friend? Rules.

The woman I used to live with (over the summer) and I share a birthday so Saturday evening my mother, D and I headed over there for happy hour. It was...alright. She had a few of her friends and family there and they are all very high society. I think my mother was beside herself. They can be very unwelcoming and judgmental. We lasted about 45 minutes and got the HELL out of there.

Coming to visit in Connecticut can be overwhelming for my mom. It really is completely different than where we live in Vermont and there is just a much different approach to EVERYTHING down here. She's a really great sport but sometimes the way things go here just DO NOT MESH with her.

For example: It was POURING rain Saturday evening so we decided to pay to park in a lot next to the bar we were going to in SoNo. We pulled up to attendant booth and he asked how long we were staying. He said to just leave the car.

As in- - leave the car so he can park it.

My mother has a new vehicle and did NOT like that idea at all. She hesitated for about TWO MINUTES and then, as the attendant was parking the car, walked toward the car and WATCHED EVERY MOVE. With narration for the sake of D and I.

It went something like this:

"Oh you guys. Are you WATCHING THIS? Oh my god. What's he doing? That's not going to fit there! No wonder HE wanted to drive it. OHMYGOD. IS HE BACKING IN?!?!??! Jeez. I can't believe it. I feel ridiculous watching him, but I swear to GOD IF THERE IS ONE SCRATCH ON IT WHEN WE GET IT BACK... I'm calling THE POLICE."

I felt really badly because I know how stressful it is having a new car and how you worry about it, but at the same time... I
did suggest we just take my car so we don't need to worry about anything. :)

The three of us went to dinner and had the BEST time. We ordered appetizers, got drinks (got some wine in my mom) and just visited for a couple of hours. It was everything a birthday celebration should be.

I am so lucky.



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