Friday, February 19, 2010

From Bad to Worse

I was ALREADY feeling like I SUCK AT LIFE yesterday and? The day got even worse. Really.

I use a website to apply for teaching jobs in Vermont ( Like many other websites of it's kind, you submit resumes/applications/cover letters to open positions directly through the site. Once you submit, it sends you a confirmation email saying your information has been received and you'll be receiving another email when the employer has initially viewed your profile.

I received the confirmation email, then an hour later I received another email from School Spring saying that my application has been reviewed (!!!!!). AS I AM READING THIS EMAIL I get another email from School Spring, "Thank you for applying you have not been chosen for this position." The potential employer DELETED me as a possibility within 2 minutes of viewing my application materials.

Makes me feel GREAT about my resume/cover letter. Ugh.

I went to Jazz after school (crazy lady wasn't there) and had a great class. I was driving home, north on 95 with NO BUMPER TO BUMPER traffic (SCORE!!!!!) and I was? FEELIN' GOOD! I would get home before 6pm (gasp!), shower, and have time to do the dishes and get dinner ready before my sister came home.

I had showered and was in the middle of the dishes when I heard my phone vibrating on the coffee table. I thought about ignoring it but at the last second decided to check who it was.


It's the number of a woman I babysit for AND I'M SUPPOSED TO BE THERE RIGHT NOW!

DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I COMPLETELY forgot about babysitting.

I know you're going to start thinking that I'm a liar, but I HAVE NEVER forgotten about babysitting before. Really. I am about the most responsible and reliable person I know.


So terribly in fact, that I called it quits on the day and went to bed at 6:45.

No joke.

I slept until 6:10 this morning.

I have 14 miles to run tomorrow but I'm teaching jazz in the morning and have to babysit SOOoooo I'm thinking about running them this afternoon.

If I don't KILL THESE 14 MILES... something's GOING DOWN. I've had it with this week.



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