Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Marathon TUESDAY

Yea yea, I admit it. I'm a Marathon Monday FAILURE, Marathon TUESDAY it is. Last week was a tapering week before upping the mileage this week.

T- 3m- 23:02/7:10mile
W-6m-7:40/mile- we had a snow day on Wednesday so we ran in TONS of snow outside. It was slow-going, but fun!
T-3m- 23:15/7:14/mile
S- 9m- 7:40/mile. The long run this weekend was done in VT and let me tell you... those hills kicked my BUTT. I didn't realize how FLAT it was around CT. My glutes are still letting me know... OIY!

This week we're running 4;7;4;14. 14 miles... will be the longest I've EVER run. I'm a little nervous!



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