Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Weekend

I really should write about my weekend in a series of posts because there's THAT much to say, but I usually forget to write the other ones so I'm going for one longer/long-winded post this morning.
First of all, it's a snow day here in southwestern CT. WOOP, WOOP! It would have been nice to know this YESTERDAY so I could have stayed in Vermont, but... oh well. I wake up so early to work out in the mornings that I always miss the notification call. This morning was no different, my sister and I were on mile one on the treadmill when our school scrolled across the bottom of the screen- - CLOSED. Damn it. I could have slept in! Of course, this morning I dreamed that we woke up at 4:50am and it was LIGHT outside and WARM! And we could run OUTSIDE for our 4 mile run! And we did! In my dream, we ran four miles.

Then I woke up to 3inches of snow and had to run 4 miles AGAIN. I've GOT to stop dreaming about running. I don't even really LIKE running, it's more of a nightmare.

As I sit here and type this my sister is taking advantage of the extra time and working on a sign language course she's taking online. Picture this:

My sister (you don't know her, but just picture a 105lb, dirtyblonde in UVM sweatpants and a college squash long-sleeved tee, with ipod headphones hooked up to her imac)
sitting on the couch
waving her hands around like a crazy person.

Apparently she's "signing" but I'm not sure I believe she's making sense.
On to the weekend!

We arrived home Friday evening and my parents had dinner all ready for us. Jax met us and we had a great carb-filled meal in preparation of our longer run Saturday morning.

Saturday night my parents, sister, Jax and I went to American Flatbread for an early dinner and then met my aunt and uncle out for margaritas at Madera's. After that we went to our favorite bar, took over the juke box and sang into our beer bottles for a couple of hours.

Really, that's what we do. It's super (we think) fun.

After the bar I headed back to Jax's and I was so excited to give him his Valentine's day present I asked if I could give it to him early. He was, of course, okay with that and he LOVES LOVES LOVES his new itouch. I'm slowly bringing him to the 21st century. He got his first computer for Christmas, and now I have him on Skype and online banking. Progress.

His mom made me a tote for Valentine's Day (how nice is that!?!?!) so he put his presents in there. He got me a pink Under Armor running shirt, white NorthFace gloves, and a matching wine chiller, cheeseboard set. I loved everything. He is so cute.

Sunday morning I was up early playing on the new itouch and getting caught up on my email, Jax slept in but when he woke up he went out to get the paper, made eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast and we had a relaxing morning.

Sunday night, to celebrate Valentine's Day, Jax made reservations at Pauline's. Neither one of us had ever been there but WE HAD THE BEST MEAL EVER! We started with a bottle of cabernet then decided to do the "Valentine's Day Special" which was a four-course meal so... we got a champagne toast, salad (me: beet, him:ceasar), appetizers (me: VT cheese plate, him:oysters), dinner (me: maple roasted duck, him: rack of lamb) and dessert (me: apple, pear, cranberry crisp, him: bananas foster). We had a room to ourselves and dinner took about 90minutes. It was totally awesome.

Everything with Jax is going so well. He is so easy-going and sweet. It's been so much fun...

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