Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's 5:30 Saturday Morning

what are YOU doing? Call me crazy, but I wish I were SLEEPING. You'd think those 14 miles yesterday would have tuckered me right out. Apparently not. Of course, I was exhausted last night and headed to bed early, but at 3:40am I was WIDE AWAKE. I made myself lay in bed until 4:30 but I've been up since then...watching VH1, (I didn't know this channel even existed anymore. I live in a cave), learning some new jazz songs for this morning's class and enjoying waking up and not immediately squeezing my thighs into spandex before heading to the gym.

I will have to squeeze my thighs into spandex this morning, but not for another couple of hours. Miracles never cease.
The news has been saturated with Tiger Woods' apology and, quite frankly, I'm annoyed. Does he owe some people an apology- - certainly. He owes some people MORE than that. Does he owe an entire nation an apology?


I'm not quite sure about. My sister and I were discussing it over dinner last night and we feel like he doesn't. Sure he's a major sports celebrity and many people admired him for his athletic ability but this type of transgression isn't EXACTLY uncommon in the sports world or in the political world... or AT ALL. It sucks, but it (excuse the pun) seems par for the course. He should be embarrassed and humbled and many other things but...I don't know. To me, it seems a little extreme.

And sex addiction? Is that what they're called infidelity these days? Last I heard it was called self control which- - to get to this point in his golf career- - he obviously has. Sounds to me like a couple of bad decisions and the excitement of doing something "wrong" or "different" got the best of him.
Finally caught up with the dvr last night and watched Grey's and Private Practice. Do any of you watch these? First of all-- Lexy, the (former) Chief and Miranda are saving Grey's in my opinion. And OHMYGOD can Addison and Sam just GET TOGETHER DAMN IT?!?!??! Pete is obviously still in love with Violet and and Addison and Sam? Well, they just seem to GO together. It's KILLING me. Not to mention that I secretly have a HUGE girl crush on Addison- I'd like to be her- and after the disaster with McDreamy... I just want her to be happy. In a weird I-know-she's-just-playing-a-character-but-I-think-it's-real-life sort of way.

Also? I could basically name my (future) children after the entire cast of Private Practice- they've got some great names going on in that show.


they (I think) totally beat

Alex and Sloan are great names though, they don't make the list.
Received another email from School Spring last night (at 9:30...?) saying that my materials have been initially viewed by a potential employer. I HAVE NOT YET received a rejection email so... either the viewer was drunk, checking their possible future employees out at 9:30 at night, and is waiting to re-check when they're sober before rejecting me OR they're super dedicated and were still in their office at 9:30 on a Friday night and felt that MAYBE just MAYBE I might me future-employee-material.

For my sanity, please pray for the latter.



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