Sunday, February 21, 2010

Measuring Up

My cousin is getting married in July and I am one of her (11) bridesmaids. She sent us a link to the dress (LOVE IT!) ((Really.)) a couple of weeks ago with the instructions that we had to get measured locally and call our measurements into her bridal shop with our payment information.

I had a few hours yesterday afternoon and I remembered that I still had to go get measured. I called a local bridal shop and stopped by on my way to babysit. To order the dress we only needed our bust and hips measured so I told the woman that and away she went measuring.

After she finished measuring she says, "Okay! All set! I go check in 'da back for dat designer's size chart and let you know which size you are."


While I've never been measured at a bridal shop, with all of the working out I do I HAVE been measured multiple times for various exercise activities. I (thought I) knew roughly where I'd fall measurement and size wise.

After about 10 minutes she came back and hands me a piece of paper, "okay! These are your measurments!"

I looked down at the paper

bust- 37 1/2
hips- 41 1/2

size 12-14


THIRTY SEVEN AND A HALF INCH BUST?!?!??! REALLY?!?!??!??! I HAVE NEVER had a 37 1/2" BUST! EVER! Either my boobs have grown IMMENSELY or something is amiss.

AND... 41 1/2" hips? Well, I can't really say anything about that.

My theme song IS Baby Got Back.

But a size 12-14. I am in NO WAY petite or small-boned or any of those other "tiny girl" nicknames but honestly, I'm USUALLY a size 6 or 8 in dresses. I cannot believe I'll be a 12-14 for the bridesmaid dress.

I called Jax as soon as I got in the car and started the conversation by saying, "omigod! So I just got measured for my bridesmaid dress" and he interrupts, "and, let me guess. You're smaller than you were before because of all of the working out you're doing."

"Uhhhhh, NO!!!!!!!!!!!"

I was going to try to give up dessert for Lent and then decided to give up shopping but it looks like I'll be giving up shopping AND dessert. I cannot believe this.

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Blogger bing said...

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Anonymous オテモヤン said...

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Blogger Ladybug's Picnic said...

Oh, girl - bridal sizes are WAY different. Like 2 - 3 full sizes above normal. So if you're an 8, measuring a 12-14 for bridal dress is 100% normal. 8 = 12. Still kinda sucks, though!

7:40 PM  

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