Friday, June 04, 2010

Coming to an End

Last night we had a Jazzercise Girl's Night Out to celebrate some happenings of the instructors at our center. Two (including me) are moving, one is getting married, and one just became certified. I always have a hard time motivating for these types of activities, but I don't know why, I never regret going.

Last night was no exception. I had the *best* time. We started out the evening with drinks and dinner and the woman who planned the outing presented all of us with small gifts. I got a homemade trophy with my picture on it from the marathon, a picture frame with the play bill from Avenue Q (an inside joke- - I HATE that show), and a cute charm that says, "I (heart) CT". It was so sweet of them to think of me.

Karaoke was just getting started (we all signed up. Come on. 12 Jazzercise instructors at the same party? YOU BET people were singing and dancing) and I found myself at the bar with the owner of the center. I like her a lot, and really respect and admire how she manages everything. She offered to buy me a drink and took the opportunity to say how much she was going to miss me. It was very sweet, but what she said next really meant a lot. She told me that in all of her years of Jazzercise and all of her experience with instructors she rarely finds someone like me- - who is an incredible instructor, professional and "cool" as well. It was so sweet and I really appreciated her taking the time to say that. It makes what I do worth it.

During dinner we had all signed up and the karaoke was getting started so a group of three of us got it started with "Brick House" complete with wigs and feather boas. We do it right. People who know me in real life or have been reading this blog for a while know that my go-to song is Baby Got Back. I, of course, signed up for that with another instructor.

The next group of people got called up and they were NOT with our group. They were part of a softball team. Their song of choice?



They did. Only they? DID NOT. RESPECT. THE SONG. AT ALL. They didn't sing into the microphone. Had to READ the lyrics, and spent half the time giggling at themselves.

Oh YES. They did.

I was heartbroken. Everyone knows it's not in good taste to do the same song TWICE in one night.

Good thing I don't always act in "good taste" B*TCHES!

I marched over to the DJ and plead my case, "Listen, I know this is totally lame, but their rendition of Baby Got Back was lackluster. They obviously don't care about it in the same way I do. Please. If you let me do this song, in a few songs, I promise... you will NOT regret it."

He, miraculously, agreed. I think it had something to do with my saucy dress and killer dance moves. I'm just sayin'.

A few songs later, he called us up.

Before the song started, I took the opportunity to have the mic and addressed the crowd, "I'm really sorry about doing this. We're going to do a song that has already been sung tonight, BUT... and I would normally NEVER call anyone out like this... it was not done with the flourish that it should be. So, to the girls who already performed this song to night, I'm sorry. You're about to get shown up."


And? In case you're wondering... WE. KILLED. IT. Like, cat-calls during and standing ovation at the end. LIKE, WE GOT FREE DRINK TICKETS FOR THE BEST KARAOKE PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT.

BOO to the YEA.

I may not be able to carry a tune in a bucket, but I can channel Sir-Mix-a-Lot like NO OTHER. It's a gift.

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Blogger Annekah said...

I have just been scrolling through blogs and yours randomly popped up. Umm this post is freaking hilarious.

4:22 AM  
Blogger ScubaNurse said...

hillarious!! i too just came across your blog and this made me laugh SO hard! the rules of engagement for kareoke should be read at the beginning of each evening!

6:28 PM  

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