Monday, August 17, 2009


Saturday, August 08, 2009

Checking in from VT

Just popping in to say that I've arrived in VT and am sitting poolside. IloVermont. :)


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Simma, Simma

Who's got the keys to my...NEW APARTMENT?!?!?! Oh wait... I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woop Woop! Signed the lease today, got my keys and started moving my stuff in! Luckily I have a fantastic sister with an even more fantastic boyfriend who met me to do everything and helped me lug boxes and bags and baskets up the stairs. I still have a LOT to move, but a good portion is done.

In between packing and moving I'm packing my bags to head home for the REST OF THE MONTH. I got subs for jazz until September 1st which means I'm (basically) footloose and fancy free. I could just die. I haven't felt this relieved since... well... since I have no freakin' idea.

I feel so lucky and so fortunate to be in the position. Aside from the fact that my rent is basically my ENTIRE PAYCHECK FOR THE MONTH, I really think this is going to be awesome. (Someone remind me of this when I'm complaining about it come October...)

Three more days in the 203 and I'm BACK IN THE 802. Woop Woop!

(please excuse the excessive capitalizion and the "Woop Woops" I had three Blue Moons tonight and when you're used to drinking Mic Ultra.. well, you get it.)


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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Am I a Renter?

Not yet... I brought my rental application and deposit to the Landlord today and providing my credit report checks out (it should- - I have stellar credit) I'll sign the lease tomorrow or Thursday. The best parts about this?

-The lease goes until June 15 which is PERFECT because I have NO idea where/if I'll get a job after my program is done after this school year.
-Even though the lease is for August 15th my (hopefully) landlord said that I can move my stuff in anytime before then...which MEANS once I'm all moved in and if I get subs for jazz I can go home on Saturday for the REST OF AUGUST! WOOP WOOP! I don't want to get too excited YET, but...things are LOOKIN' GOOD!


Monday, August 03, 2009

Another Day, Another Dolla' (s)

I've alluded to the fact that I'm looking for a new place to live. The woman that I live with is so sweet and I *LOVE* where I live, but she is getting older and is looking to move to a condo or is looking to hire full-time help for herself. If she moves... I can't really stay at the house. (I did tell the realtor to put, "House for Sale! Comes with responsible, energetic and gorgeous 24 year old female!" in the ad, but... she didn't exactly find the same humor in it as I did.) If she stays, she's hiring full-time, live-in help and well, they'll be living where I live so that doesn't work either.

I've spent the last two days looking at rooms for rent, apartments for rent, and studios for rent and *think* that I've found a great 1 bedroom apartment. It, of course, is WAY out of my price range but I (again) *think* that my sister will be renting it with me which makes it a little more affordable. Keep your fingers crossed that my application will be approved tomorrow, I'll be moving in soon, and then... I can GO HOME FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH OF AUGUST. That alone? Is (almost) worth the rent.

Having looked at places for two days straight I now consider myself an expert on the "looking" process. I've dealt with more building managers, apartment renters and property owners than I really care to admit so now, I have a word to the wise: if you're showing your apartment to a very cute, blonde, preppy, semi-conservative person don't invite your CRAZY-@$$ friend over for pizza at the same time because, chances are, your potential renter is going to RUN LIKE THE WIND OUTTA THERE. I'm Not. Even. Kidding. My sisters came traipsing all over Fairfield County with me yesterday and I went to look at an apartment. I left them in the car because really? We're very overwhelming. I was almost finished getting the low-down from the renter when I hear this HUGE BELCH and an, "HAHA. EXCUSE ME." Girl let herself in and flopped on the couch. Renter says, "Oh, this is my friend... Becky!" Becky? Was hardly a girl. She had a mullet down to her back, an adams apple to rival Gaston, a backwards baseball hat, an oversized t-shirt, cargo shorts and tattoos... EVERYWHERE. And she was smoking in the house. CHECK PLEASE.

I'm not even kidding. While I was in there I received a text from my sisters inquiring about my safety. They were scared for the girl in pink and green entering GOTH HOUSE. Not to mention the inhabitants of the house were in their mid-thirties and had cigarrette butts, beer cans, and overflowing trash cans outside. Hi, my name is P in VT and I graduated from college three years ago.

I'm a little worried about the financial piece of this whole move, but you know what... it can be done. I've been very lucky so far and I really think I'm ready for my own place. It will be such a relief to, when I want to leave for a weekend, simply lock the door. No schedules to contend with, no one to check in with... just me. And my sister. Life? Will be pretty good.

(Completely non-related sidenote. When I just typed, "...just me. And my sister." I was immediately thrown back to 5 years old and Mercer Mayer books and that book called, "Just Me and My Dad." Tell me you guys know that book. I had it on tape and there was this awesome song that went with it... "Just me and my dad! What a good time we had! Hanging out in the Woods..." and something, something, something. Trust me, it was awesome.)

I've texted with BB every day but we haven't spoken for a week. I decided yesterday that I wasn't going to text him at all to see if he texted me first. (Yea... middle school, I know.) But HomeBoy texted me at 8:30. (BooYEA! I've still got it!) And things seem to be relatively normal. For as normal as it can be. I don't even know what I want from this whole thing (nothing?!?!?) so, I'm really not pushing it.

Today was my first day class/worry/stress free and it was pretty awesome. I've gotta find a job or something though because I'm going to go CRAZY! Tomorrow I'm bringing a deposit for the new apartment so... wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed!

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