Friday, February 26, 2010


I think I've mentioned that things with Jax have been "off" recently. He claims they're not and everything's fine. I claim woman's intuition and I'm always right. (I think.)

We didn't talk much yesterday so I called him before I went to bed and he was down at the bar having a couple drinks with some friends. I didn't even bring up anything- -just said I was going to bed and to have fun- - he filled me in on some local gossip and that was it.

He got home around 11 and texted me that he was in and heading to bed. Great. I rolled over and fell back asleep.

At 5:15 this morning my phone rang- - SNOW DAY! Which, for normal people would mean-- roll over and fall back asleep. For me? It means fling those covers back and hit the floor with both feet! I got up, made tea, turned on the weather, and opened my computer to check my email/facebook.

Jax had some new notification on my feed and... a new profile picture. Not really a big deal except it's the SAME PICTURE he had before BUT I'M NO LONGER IN IT.


I feel like I'm in middle school, getting all upset about facebook and all, but the reality is... I'm pissed. You can't crop your girlfriend out of your pic. He's never even put up his own picture, he's always told me which one he wanted and I've done it- -he's new to the whole technology thing and it's just been easier that way.

For Mr. (non)Technosmartypants this was (to me) a pretty bold move.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Diet Coke

I know, it's a habit I should quit. But I *love* it. I just cracked a can open and am sitting at my desk listening to the carbonation bubbles.

It's sick, I know, but that sound makes me incredibly happy.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait

Being at a crossroads is never easy. I feel like I've been at one since finishing grad school. I know I will finish out the year at my current job but in the meantime have been on the LOOKOUT for a head teaching position.

So far I've applied for 11 jobs (1 in MA, 2 in CT, 8 in VT) and I just want to GET ONE OF THEM. Actually, I don't even. I'm hoping a job opens in my home county in VT, but I'm not holding my breathe.

It's such an awkward place to be.

I think I'll be moving home, to VT, but still need a job there and I'd like to fast forward the next three months so I KNOW what I'll be doing. I am a total Type A, planner by nature and not knowing what's coming is KILL-ING me.

If I had a job I feel like I could relax and enjoy the next few months here. I also need to find a summer job and that is directly dependent on where I'll be living come September.

All of these two-year stints are killing me. I'm ready to find a place, immerse myself in the community there, and get started with the rest of my life.


Monday, February 22, 2010


It's Monday b*tches and I've got the marathon update. M-1; Every other Monday-3.
Here's the update

T-4miles- 31:16- 7:15/mile
W- 7 miles- 58:05-7:50/mile
Th- 4 miles- only managed 3- 22:18-7:25/mile
F- 14m- 1:56:32- 8:09/mile

I really liked getting the long run over with on Friday. We have time after school to get it in before it gets too dark and this way, especially because I had to teach Jazz on Saturday morning, I can plan some other things on the weekends.

I was NERVOUS for those 14 miles, but they went surprisingly well. A few miles were REALLY hard and it was windy. I really slowed down at the end which makes me wonder if I need to start running with water/snacks. I've never run with water or snacks before but I think I need to start practicing. Getting through 26.2 miles without some food might make me TIRED.
I've decided to give up shopping, going out to eat, and dessert for Lent. I know I'm a little late, but I hope that I can stick to it. With at least two (maybe three) weddings this summer, I've got to GET SKINNY.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Measuring Up

My cousin is getting married in July and I am one of her (11) bridesmaids. She sent us a link to the dress (LOVE IT!) ((Really.)) a couple of weeks ago with the instructions that we had to get measured locally and call our measurements into her bridal shop with our payment information.

I had a few hours yesterday afternoon and I remembered that I still had to go get measured. I called a local bridal shop and stopped by on my way to babysit. To order the dress we only needed our bust and hips measured so I told the woman that and away she went measuring.

After she finished measuring she says, "Okay! All set! I go check in 'da back for dat designer's size chart and let you know which size you are."


While I've never been measured at a bridal shop, with all of the working out I do I HAVE been measured multiple times for various exercise activities. I (thought I) knew roughly where I'd fall measurement and size wise.

After about 10 minutes she came back and hands me a piece of paper, "okay! These are your measurments!"

I looked down at the paper

bust- 37 1/2
hips- 41 1/2

size 12-14


THIRTY SEVEN AND A HALF INCH BUST?!?!??! REALLY?!?!??!??! I HAVE NEVER had a 37 1/2" BUST! EVER! Either my boobs have grown IMMENSELY or something is amiss.

AND... 41 1/2" hips? Well, I can't really say anything about that.

My theme song IS Baby Got Back.

But a size 12-14. I am in NO WAY petite or small-boned or any of those other "tiny girl" nicknames but honestly, I'm USUALLY a size 6 or 8 in dresses. I cannot believe I'll be a 12-14 for the bridesmaid dress.

I called Jax as soon as I got in the car and started the conversation by saying, "omigod! So I just got measured for my bridesmaid dress" and he interrupts, "and, let me guess. You're smaller than you were before because of all of the working out you're doing."

"Uhhhhh, NO!!!!!!!!!!!"

I was going to try to give up dessert for Lent and then decided to give up shopping but it looks like I'll be giving up shopping AND dessert. I cannot believe this.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Egg Salad

I am not a fan of "salads". I love green salads but pasta salad, tuna noodle, potato and egg salad? Notsomuch. I can handle chicken salad if it's made by someone in my family and has a little crunch to it like celery or grapes.

My mom and sisters though? LOVE potato and egg salad.

My sister came home this morning after taking a test and she was hungry so... she was craving some egg salad.


I think egg salad smells like farts. It's disgusting and I can't enjoy it not even a LITTLE bit.

Not only did she eat it WARM, freshly made (warm egg salad=puking in my mouth). She put the leftovers in the fridge UNCOVERED.

I just opened the fridge to retrieve a diet coke. Instead? I got a whiff of smelly egg salad/fart.


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It's 5:30 Saturday Morning

what are YOU doing? Call me crazy, but I wish I were SLEEPING. You'd think those 14 miles yesterday would have tuckered me right out. Apparently not. Of course, I was exhausted last night and headed to bed early, but at 3:40am I was WIDE AWAKE. I made myself lay in bed until 4:30 but I've been up since then...watching VH1, (I didn't know this channel even existed anymore. I live in a cave), learning some new jazz songs for this morning's class and enjoying waking up and not immediately squeezing my thighs into spandex before heading to the gym.

I will have to squeeze my thighs into spandex this morning, but not for another couple of hours. Miracles never cease.
The news has been saturated with Tiger Woods' apology and, quite frankly, I'm annoyed. Does he owe some people an apology- - certainly. He owes some people MORE than that. Does he owe an entire nation an apology?


I'm not quite sure about. My sister and I were discussing it over dinner last night and we feel like he doesn't. Sure he's a major sports celebrity and many people admired him for his athletic ability but this type of transgression isn't EXACTLY uncommon in the sports world or in the political world... or AT ALL. It sucks, but it (excuse the pun) seems par for the course. He should be embarrassed and humbled and many other things but...I don't know. To me, it seems a little extreme.

And sex addiction? Is that what they're called infidelity these days? Last I heard it was called self control which- - to get to this point in his golf career- - he obviously has. Sounds to me like a couple of bad decisions and the excitement of doing something "wrong" or "different" got the best of him.
Finally caught up with the dvr last night and watched Grey's and Private Practice. Do any of you watch these? First of all-- Lexy, the (former) Chief and Miranda are saving Grey's in my opinion. And OHMYGOD can Addison and Sam just GET TOGETHER DAMN IT?!?!??! Pete is obviously still in love with Violet and and Addison and Sam? Well, they just seem to GO together. It's KILLING me. Not to mention that I secretly have a HUGE girl crush on Addison- I'd like to be her- and after the disaster with McDreamy... I just want her to be happy. In a weird I-know-she's-just-playing-a-character-but-I-think-it's-real-life sort of way.

Also? I could basically name my (future) children after the entire cast of Private Practice- they've got some great names going on in that show.


they (I think) totally beat

Alex and Sloan are great names though, they don't make the list.
Received another email from School Spring last night (at 9:30...?) saying that my materials have been initially viewed by a potential employer. I HAVE NOT YET received a rejection email so... either the viewer was drunk, checking their possible future employees out at 9:30 at night, and is waiting to re-check when they're sober before rejecting me OR they're super dedicated and were still in their office at 9:30 on a Friday night and felt that MAYBE just MAYBE I might me future-employee-material.

For my sanity, please pray for the latter.


Friday, February 19, 2010

From Bad to Worse

I was ALREADY feeling like I SUCK AT LIFE yesterday and? The day got even worse. Really.

I use a website to apply for teaching jobs in Vermont ( Like many other websites of it's kind, you submit resumes/applications/cover letters to open positions directly through the site. Once you submit, it sends you a confirmation email saying your information has been received and you'll be receiving another email when the employer has initially viewed your profile.

I received the confirmation email, then an hour later I received another email from School Spring saying that my application has been reviewed (!!!!!). AS I AM READING THIS EMAIL I get another email from School Spring, "Thank you for applying you have not been chosen for this position." The potential employer DELETED me as a possibility within 2 minutes of viewing my application materials.

Makes me feel GREAT about my resume/cover letter. Ugh.

I went to Jazz after school (crazy lady wasn't there) and had a great class. I was driving home, north on 95 with NO BUMPER TO BUMPER traffic (SCORE!!!!!) and I was? FEELIN' GOOD! I would get home before 6pm (gasp!), shower, and have time to do the dishes and get dinner ready before my sister came home.

I had showered and was in the middle of the dishes when I heard my phone vibrating on the coffee table. I thought about ignoring it but at the last second decided to check who it was.


It's the number of a woman I babysit for AND I'M SUPPOSED TO BE THERE RIGHT NOW!

DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I COMPLETELY forgot about babysitting.

I know you're going to start thinking that I'm a liar, but I HAVE NEVER forgotten about babysitting before. Really. I am about the most responsible and reliable person I know.


So terribly in fact, that I called it quits on the day and went to bed at 6:45.

No joke.

I slept until 6:10 this morning.

I have 14 miles to run tomorrow but I'm teaching jazz in the morning and have to babysit SOOoooo I'm thinking about running them this afternoon.

If I don't KILL THESE 14 MILES... something's GOING DOWN. I've had it with this week.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Marathon Update

Lately, I suck at life.


1) I picked a fight with Jax Monday/Tuesday just because I was being needy and unreasonable. I am RARELY either of those two things. Really. Ask my mom. (In my defense, I didn't like his reaction/answers to my concerns/questions so it was a LITTLE legitimate.)

2)We had a snow day Tuesday and I FELL ASLEEP READING. Not only do I not nap, I NEVER fall asleep reading.

3) I ran 7 miles yesterday afternoon at 7:50/mile which, if you've been paying attention, is MUCH slower than I've been running.

4) I was on the treadmill this morning getting my 4 miles in and HAD TO STOP AT 3. I TURNED THE TREADMILL OFF AND GOT OFF AFTER THREE MILES. I WAS SUPPOSED TO RUN 4! WHAT THE EFFFF?!?!?!?

I am NOT a quitter. I promise. I thought this week would be easier because I didn't have personal training boxing and regular boxing on Monday and didn't go to regular boxing on Wednesday. My body isn't working as hard as it usually is. I do NOT know why those 4 miles eluded me today but I am NOT happy about it. I wonder if I tried to do too much in too short a period of time. I ran from 3-4 taught jazz from 6-7 and was on the treadmill at 5:30am... maybe my body really couldn't handle it?

I don't know, but I'm going to need some motivation because getting off the treadmill early? Is NOT something I'd like to have happen again. It is totally discouraging and I feel like an out-of-shape loser.

I better kick those 14 mile's ass on Saturday.

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Catholic Guilt

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday.

I only know this because I teach Jazzercise two times per week in the basement of a church.

I was born and raised Catholic and went to church regularly growing up.

I am ashamed to admit that I did not know it was Ash Wednesday.

There has been a big push around southwestern CT to get more Catholics to repent this season which I think has catholicism on my brain. I don't go to church regularly anymore but have thought a lot about it lately. (That doesn't count, I know.) I was feeling like I needed to refocus my religion and maybe start going to church again. I have NO idea why I've been feeling this way, but since last fall, I've been thinking about it. Maybe it's feeling like I'm lacking something greater in my life, or maybe it's all of this wedding talk and me wondering if getting married in a church is important to me or not...

Cut to two nights ago. I couldn't fall asleep because I had SEVERELY burnt my toast and my whole apartment REEKED. Seriously, it smelled so bad it was interfering with my sleep schedule. I tossed. I turned. I read. I checked my email. I lied there. I envisioned. I breathed. I counted sheep. Then? I decided that I would start reciting my prayers. I started with the Lord's Prayer...

Our Father, who art in Heaven,
hallowed be thy name,
thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven...

oh shit...

on earth as it is in heaven...

give us our daily bread
forgive us for trespassing...

No, No...

Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heave. Give us this day our daily bread and pray for sinners now and at the hour of our death. Am- - DAMN IT!

Am I confusing this with the Hail Mary?

Hail Mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee, blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus, Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at.. DAMN IT! I DID! I DID! I'm creating a mix of the Lord's Prayer and Hail Mary! JEEEEZ!

I must have finally fallen asleep but...

are you ready for this?

I had to GOOGLE the Lord's Prayer yesterday morning JUST TO REMEMBER IT.

I am happy to report that I can (now) recite the Lord's Prayer with no great mis-haps.

There will be at least ONE MORE catholic repenting this season. I'm going to have to go to confession and 'fess up that I...FORGOT. THE. LORD'S. PRAYER.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cue Please ;)

Was the email Re: in my inbox this morning.

Here's the email:

Hi M.. just wanted to let you know that last night that woman with the curly hair who used to be a fitness instructor was in my class. I'm cueing like normal explaining all the moves, then started to tell a little story about my trip last week, and she yelled out "CUE PLEASE!!"

I wanted to smack her! Just wanted you to know that you weren't alone ;)

Have a good day!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Today is my three year Jazzerversary! I cannot believe it's been THREE YEARS now! Whoa. I celebrated by passing my annual monitoring last night. Go me.


The Weekend

I really should write about my weekend in a series of posts because there's THAT much to say, but I usually forget to write the other ones so I'm going for one longer/long-winded post this morning.
First of all, it's a snow day here in southwestern CT. WOOP, WOOP! It would have been nice to know this YESTERDAY so I could have stayed in Vermont, but... oh well. I wake up so early to work out in the mornings that I always miss the notification call. This morning was no different, my sister and I were on mile one on the treadmill when our school scrolled across the bottom of the screen- - CLOSED. Damn it. I could have slept in! Of course, this morning I dreamed that we woke up at 4:50am and it was LIGHT outside and WARM! And we could run OUTSIDE for our 4 mile run! And we did! In my dream, we ran four miles.

Then I woke up to 3inches of snow and had to run 4 miles AGAIN. I've GOT to stop dreaming about running. I don't even really LIKE running, it's more of a nightmare.

As I sit here and type this my sister is taking advantage of the extra time and working on a sign language course she's taking online. Picture this:

My sister (you don't know her, but just picture a 105lb, dirtyblonde in UVM sweatpants and a college squash long-sleeved tee, with ipod headphones hooked up to her imac)
sitting on the couch
waving her hands around like a crazy person.

Apparently she's "signing" but I'm not sure I believe she's making sense.
On to the weekend!

We arrived home Friday evening and my parents had dinner all ready for us. Jax met us and we had a great carb-filled meal in preparation of our longer run Saturday morning.

Saturday night my parents, sister, Jax and I went to American Flatbread for an early dinner and then met my aunt and uncle out for margaritas at Madera's. After that we went to our favorite bar, took over the juke box and sang into our beer bottles for a couple of hours.

Really, that's what we do. It's super (we think) fun.

After the bar I headed back to Jax's and I was so excited to give him his Valentine's day present I asked if I could give it to him early. He was, of course, okay with that and he LOVES LOVES LOVES his new itouch. I'm slowly bringing him to the 21st century. He got his first computer for Christmas, and now I have him on Skype and online banking. Progress.

His mom made me a tote for Valentine's Day (how nice is that!?!?!) so he put his presents in there. He got me a pink Under Armor running shirt, white NorthFace gloves, and a matching wine chiller, cheeseboard set. I loved everything. He is so cute.

Sunday morning I was up early playing on the new itouch and getting caught up on my email, Jax slept in but when he woke up he went out to get the paper, made eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast and we had a relaxing morning.

Sunday night, to celebrate Valentine's Day, Jax made reservations at Pauline's. Neither one of us had ever been there but WE HAD THE BEST MEAL EVER! We started with a bottle of cabernet then decided to do the "Valentine's Day Special" which was a four-course meal so... we got a champagne toast, salad (me: beet, him:ceasar), appetizers (me: VT cheese plate, him:oysters), dinner (me: maple roasted duck, him: rack of lamb) and dessert (me: apple, pear, cranberry crisp, him: bananas foster). We had a room to ourselves and dinner took about 90minutes. It was totally awesome.

Everything with Jax is going so well. He is so easy-going and sweet. It's been so much fun...

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Marathon TUESDAY

Yea yea, I admit it. I'm a Marathon Monday FAILURE, Marathon TUESDAY it is. Last week was a tapering week before upping the mileage this week.

T- 3m- 23:02/7:10mile
W-6m-7:40/mile- we had a snow day on Wednesday so we ran in TONS of snow outside. It was slow-going, but fun!
T-3m- 23:15/7:14/mile
S- 9m- 7:40/mile. The long run this weekend was done in VT and let me tell you... those hills kicked my BUTT. I didn't realize how FLAT it was around CT. My glutes are still letting me know... OIY!

This week we're running 4;7;4;14. 14 miles... will be the longest I've EVER run. I'm a little nervous!


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

When to Let Go

My sister and I share an apartment. It's an old cape that has been split into two units- - an upstairs and a downstairs. We rent the upstairs. Our downstairs neighbors have been there for a couple of years and haven't liked us since we moved in because we have two cars.

The former tenant had ONE car.

This is a very big issue.

Our driveway is 2.5 car widths wide and 2 car lengths long. We have the left side, they have the right side.

There are a total of 4 cars to park every day.

Call me crazy, but we could fit four cars in the driveway if need be.

There is a spot out front, on the road that is two car lengths long that the Mr. from downstairs likes to park his HUGE truck in. Fine. It's really not an issue for us. Occasionally we park there if I leave much earlier than my sister and she'll be coming home after me.

When we have guests for an entire weekend I'll park my car someone else to alleviate any issues we might have.

They have complained to the landlord about us being too loud, coming in late at night with rambunctious friends, and parking crooked.

Let's just clarify that between my sister and I we have three friends TOTAL in the area. Those friends have all been over LESS than two times EACH. SEPARATELY. And never late-night (minus that ONE visit from D in October.)

My sisters and I would, normally, be great neighbors. We go to bed early, aren't wild and crazy, have normal jobs and are hardly home. On most days I leave my apartment at 6 and don't get back until 6:30 or 7:30 that night.

We don't wear shoes in the apartment so they really can't hear our footsteps, we don't listen to loud music or tv. We aren't loud talkers.

Imagine my surprise when I get this "note" in our mailbox last night,

"M & M,

If you could please have guests (overnight) park out back we would appreciate it. Sat morning our babysitting had to pull out into the road while I pulled my car out. It was dangerous for her. I know the landlord spoke to you about it. It would make our Sat. work morning much easier. Thank you.


I have so many points to contend with this note I can't even begin to type them all right now but one thing's for SURE.


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Marathon Monday


T- 3m- 23:42; 7:23/mile
W- 6m- 47:41; 7:33/mile
H-3m- 24:00; 7:28/mile
S- 12m-1:38:12; 7:50/mile

It's interesting that I get slower as the week progresses...I wonder what that's all about. The 12 miles actually went REALLY well. It was freezing (again) but I felt great and didn't get too fatigued.

I am still waiting for that runner's high to hit, but while I'm running sometimes I do get pretty impressed with myself.


If my inner-monologue while running could be broadcast live I'm sure it would be a HIT.

Sometimes I pretend that I'm running in the actual race and my friends and family are on the sidelines cheering and waving as I pass.

Sometimes, when I think about what I'm actually doing. Training to run 26.2 miles. AT ONCE. And think about how dedicated I've been to this goal, I'll say to myself, "you go girl! You can do ANYTHING! You run that race! Show 'em how it's done!"

And I feel like I'm on top of the world.

While I'm running in sub-zero temperatures, by myself, in southwestern Connecticut.

The power of the mind.

Good thing I never claimed to be normal...

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

There is No F in Way

I cannot believe it.

I just received ANOTHER EMAIL asking me to sponsor someone in their upcoming challenge.


This person is a co-worker of mine.

We are not THAT friendly.

I am a Teaching Assistant.

We make less than $20,000 a year.


This sort of insensitive solicitation is VERY annoying.

Am I wrong here? Should I donate just a small amount? I can't TAKE IT ANYMORE!


Cue Me, Cue Me

All of you know that I am a Jazzercise instructor. It is sometimes overwhelming but I love it. When I was living in VT and teaching 7x/week, I learned ALL of the new songs and had new sets every week for each time slot. Preparing for classes was where I probably focused 75% of my energy.

When I moved to CT and was in graduate school full time...well...I didn't have the time, energy or brainpower to put that much effort into class. I still taught a great class and learned new songs but I just didn't put as much effort into it as I used to. As a perfectionist and total Type A, this really bothered me but there was really nothing that I could do.

Since graduate school is over I've been getting back into the Jazz swing and I've felt great about it! However, Thursday evening's class almost set me back a ways. I was in the middle of a medium-heavy routine close to the top of the aerobic curve and one of the moves requires turning around the room to face each wall. As we all came back to face one another a woman started yelling from the back, "CUE ME! CUE ME! YOU'RE NOT CUE-ING ENOUGH! CUE ME! I CAN'T FOLLOW YOU!"

Screaming. From the back of the room.

Now, our average customer wouldn't necessarily know what "cue" meant or know that's what we do up there, but this particular customer is a former aerobics instructor.

Who apparently felt it was her right to critique my style from the back of the room.

I couldn't believe it. I know that all customers have a favorite instructor(s) and the reality is, we all have different styles but we're ALL VERY GOOD instructors. I couldn't believe that as someone who formerly taught aerobics she thought it would be appropriate to disrupt a class that way.

It's rude and unnecessary and I didn't appreciate it.

When you're paying for something like a gym membership or personal training I understand that you want to get the most for you money. I do too. It's easy to loose sight though, of the fact that the people in "charge" or on stage are normal people with families, feelings and goals.

I don't make a TON of money teaching Jazzercise, in fact, I make just enough to cover my Jazzercise expenses. It doesn't pay my bills. I have a day job. I teach because I love it and because I love (most of) my customers.

There will always be someone who doesn't appreciate everything I do and I try to push those instances from my mind, but when I work hard to put a set together over the weekend and show up ready to teach a rockin' class, it really blows when someone does something like that.

Next time I've got the mic on stage I think I'll spend a little time cue-ing good manners and appropriate behavior as well.

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Friday, February 05, 2010

Yes I Can

I am very much a "get-it-done-er". When there are things to do I don't waste any time thinking about or talking about HOW to do them. I simply DO them. I am a mover and a shaker by nature. I am a list-maker, a task-completer, and checker-off-er. People know this about me. Oftentimes if someone wants something accomplished they'll say, "Oh, I'll just call PreppyinVT..." I don't mind this at all, in fact, I almost like it because it gives me additional tasks to write and then check off of my list.

HOWEVER, recently I have been bombarded with donation requests. I am a very giving person and I do donate to causes that are important and close to me. What I don't like is being asked with the expectation that I am going to say yes or donate immediately. I received a text from a friend (acquaintance?) last week, "Hey M, I have a small favor to ask." I responded, "What's up?" They responded, "My brother is raising money for the penguin plunge and and would really appreciate any donation you could make. I'll email you the info." I responded, "Good for him, I'll check it out." The person emailed me the info last Friday afternoon. I briefly checked it out and got on with my weekend. Sunday morning around 10am I get a text, "Hey M, did you have a chance to check out my brother's site yet?"

Ummm...yes. I did. If I was going to donate, I probably would have the next chance I had time to look at everything. I don't need any pressure. Thanks.

Then, this morning on Facebook I had an invitation to an event from someone I went to college with. EXCEPT, it was an invitation to DONATE to an event. That I WASN'T invited to.

I'm all for using as many resources as possible to raise awareness and funds but in this age of instant communication I think everyone needs to assess who they're approaching and in what way.


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

CT is Making me Weak

I went to bed last night with every intention of waking up and heading to boxing this morning. I got a text at 1:18am saying that my cooperating teacher had a house-emergency (exploded hot water heater) and wouldn't be in until after morning recess. On boxing days I get to school on time, but late for me, so I re-set my alarm and resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn't make it to boxing today.

At 5:30 my cell phone rang. School is delayed for 90 minutes. I can still make it to boxing. Do I?

of course not, there's about an inch of snow out there and I'd have to brush my car off.

I know, I'm disgusted with myself too.

I better get back to "Reality" and back to VT quickly. I refuse to turn into a wimpy, snow-hating, loser.

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Marathon Monday

or Tuesday as it's becoming...

Last week was our fourth week of training for the marathon. I cannot believe it. It is really going by so quickly. The three mile runs are getting easier and easier and almost...enjoyable?!?!?! It's CAH-RAZY.

The rundown for last week went:

T- 3m- 24:07-7:32/mile
W- 6m- 48:21- 7:40/mile
Th-3m- 23:59- 7:28/mile
S- 11m- myipodstoppedtwomilesinDAMNIT. Estimating about 8:20/mile

Last week I felt GREAT about running. Then Saturday came. I had the BEST attitude about it. It was FREEZING cold (11 degrees) so Friday afternoon my sister and I went out to get some cold-weather gear. We were prepared mentally and physically for the run. Unfortunately my ipod stopped working two miles into it. I over-layered on my top half and only had one layer on my bottom half. That? Was a mistake. Those of you who know me in real life no that, by nature, I'm a sweat-er. I think about working out and I sweat. Well...Saturday was no exception. I was sweating like crazy, my pants froze to my back, my shirt froze to my pants and my left pointer-toenail dug into my middle-toe so much it bled and stained my socks AND shoes.

I have completely blocked Saturday's run from my mind and hope that this Saturday's 13miler goes MUCH more smoothly...