Friday, September 29, 2006


Yesterday, in my local newspaper there was a little article about types of friends you have and the relationships that you have cooperatively with them. I found it interesting to decide which of my friends were which types and even found places where many of them overlapped. I thought you might enjoy it too, so... here it is! :)

"Best-selling author Tom Rath's new book, "Vital Friends: The People You Can't Afford to Live Without" (Gallup Press, $22.95), categorizes friends according to the roles they play. Here's how Rath divvies up our friends:
Builders motivate you, invest in your development and want you to succeed. They help you see your strengths and are generous with their time.
Champions have your back and advocate for you when you're not around to defend yourself. They're your strongest supporters.

Collaborators have similar interests and share your passions. They're lifelong friends with whom you spend your time.

Companions are always there, no matter the circumstances. They're the people you call first when something big happens, good or bad.

Connectors build bridges to help you get what you want and connect you with others who share your interests.

Energizers boost your spirits and create positive moments in your life. They pick you up when you're down and make a good day even better.

Navigators offer advice and direction, and you seek their guidance and counsel. They're the best at hearing your dreams and goals and help you find a path to reach them.

Mind openers introduce you to new ideas, opportunities, cultures and people. They help expand your vision and create positive change in your life.

Making a matchShared experiences and interests draw people together. Here are five areas to match yours to others:

Parenting: Create a family homepage, set up a blog, receive e-mail and invite others to join your network.

Humanitarianism: Check volunteers centers to enlist in areas that match your interests.

Fitness: Join a branch of the YMCA, and find activities for moms and tots to seniors, pick-up basketball games, yoga and Pilates classes and more.

Learning. Enroll in a noncredit community college class. Topics can range from beginning quilting or instant piano to starting a small business or learning Spanish. Classes will vary by campus.

Political action. Work at a polling place. Training is required and duties and pay vary, but one thing's for sure: You'll meet a lot of people."

Published: Thursday, September 28, 2006Gannett News Service

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dresses Galore!

Hi Everyone! I tried to post this yesterday but blogger was being uncooperative! In the words of my favorite Full House member, How Rude! ;)

I'm so excited that dresses are coming back and becoming a wardrobe staple for the upcoming seasons! I've always worn my Polo t-shirt dress because, *sigh*, I love Polo, but I'm so excited to have some fun choices that I can wear to work and dress up or wear casually. I love dresses but I usually am hesitant to wear them because they seem to "dressy" but the styles that have been coming out so far this fall, I'm loving!

Here are two dresses that I really like, I'm hoping to find at least one like them while I'm out and about this weekend! :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Glory Days

Most of us, whether we have children or not, can understand the type of protection that is felt when dealing with children. It is not unusual to want to shield and protect your child (or pet, or loved one) from any type of bruising or scarring- - emotional, physical or psychological. I was talking with friends this morning and one of the topics that came up was "Things you'll never let your children do even though you might have done them when you were young". Some of the list that came up was,
  • riding a bike without a helmet
  • walking to the local gas station/grocery store alone
  • go to a friends house when no parents are home (age appropriate)

How do you guys feel about this? Is there anything crazy you can remember doing as a kid that you hope your child never hears of?!?

Best Advice...

As a self-declared shop-a-holic I am forever buying EVERYTHING that I think is cute at the moment and while I do buy basic wardrobe necessities sometimes most often I tend to impulsively buy trendy items that I do not deem myself "trendy" enough to wear. That being said, my closet is full of items that I am saving for that "perfect" occassion to wear it. In perusing another blog the other day, it was suggested that one stops waiting for the perfect occassion and just wear it now! Since then I have enthusiastically worn items that I've been saving for quite a while and I am *loving* this new attitude I have! Just yesterday I wore three items that I've been saving together and got so many compliments on my wonderful, fun, and cute outfit!

Do any of you have any items you've been saving for the "perfect" occassion? What about items you've purchased that you just don't feel "cool" enough to wear?!?

Fall Music Must Have

The one cd that I'm dying to get my hands on... "It Could Happen to You" by Diana Krall. I *love* her and I'm really excited to see what she has in store for all of us! I've listened to little snipets of the songs and I can't wait! Also, congratualtions are in order for her as she is excpecting twins!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pink and Green

Hi Pink and Green,

I tried to respond on your site but Blogger was being difficult, so hopefully you'll see this!

The Inn at Essex is a great restaurant that features Chefs from the New England Culinary Institutue (NECI). You can go to the actual NECI student restaurant on Church St. too. Another place if you're downtown is Bove's, a locally owned Italian bistro. If you're in the mood for Italian it's *great* with very reasonable prices. The Ice House and Rocque's are both downtown and on the waterfront and are very good. Another option in Burlington is American Flatbread. OH yes two local favorites are the Upper Deck (above the Windjammer restaurant attached to the Best Western in S. Burlington) and the Rusty Scuffer on Church St. Both have great food and great atmosphere(s)! If you're looking for breakfast/lunch Mirabelle's downtown has wonderful pastries/sandwiches/desserts and Nectar's gravy fries can't be competed with!
If you feel like taking a drive... in North Hero you could go to Shore Acres which is a picturesque Inn on Lake Champlain, they also have great food. If you go there, call first as their season is winding down.

Other shopping on Church St. is at Queen Ann's Lace and J Lemay they always have really cute, fun stuff!
hile you're at Polo you should also check out the Paper Peddler. They have great stationary/paper/ etc.

I hope I didn't overwhelm you... :)