Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Office

Not as in the show- - as in the establishment for which I work. Things that are driving me crazy today- -

1. People who play with their hair (think twirling and stroking small strands) while tilting their head slightly and giving a "come hither" look during meetings.
2. Baby voices.

Does it count as complaining if I don't actually SAY it but TYPE it instead?!?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday, Monday

Hi everyone! I had a wonderful weekend that, as usual, went by much too quickly! My sister and her boyfriend were home for a long weekend from school (the same school I graduated from so we have many mutual friends) which ensured that the weekend was going to be lively! Friday night I was planning on attending a cocktail party but an unexpected snowstorm curtailed any possibility of that so I (not-so-disapointingly) spent the evening watching Friday night television and working on a knitting project.

Saturday night the entire family went over to my aunt’s house for happy hour(s) then to my sister’s boyfriend’s favorite restaurant (he is not from the area so we like to go to this place when he’s around.) It’s this great Japanese place that seats you at the hibachi grill and prepares your food directly in front of you. After dinner we all stopped by a party that one of my roommates from college was having which was great for a small post-grad reunion with my college friends currently in the area. One of the drinks of the evening was made with vanilla rum, I don’t know if anyone out there has ever tried it, but it was fantastic. I have been known to appreciate the taste and effect of vanilla vodka from time to time (whenever I stray from wine) but may find myself looking for vanilla rum the next time I head to the liquor store.

My birthday is tomorrow so the weekend was a bit of a celebratory one.

Sunday we had a large family lunch (think Thanksgiving) as I will be out of town this Thanksgiving and it will be the first time our family hasn’t been together for a major holiday. (And it just so happens that Turkey dinner is one of my favorites and I always request it on my birthday!) Dinner was fabulous as was the cake with my favorite homemade frosting and the many (too many?) gifts my family got for me. They really know how to spoil me and know me WELL.

I am also planning a cocktail party tomorrow evening with a few of my close friends to celebrate the best way I know how- - food and lots of wine!

Other activities of the weekend include working out- - I finally got out for a GOOD, LONG run. It felt wonderful. Because it is not yet light out when I wake up I’ve been confined to running on the treadmill which I absolutely despise. I hit the roads around my house whenever I find myself there during daylight hours, which isn’t often given my post-grad fulltime job status. (Note to self: welcome to the real world.)

Since graduating from school and serious, time-consuming organized athletics, I’ve found time to learn stuff that I’ve always wanted to. I have a long list going (I’m a total, type-A, neurotically organized, list-maker-checker-off-er) of things I want to learn but the first two that I have tackled are knitting and quilting. I am currently knitting my first scarf (with the help of a Knifty Knitter- - the coolest thing EVER) and it’s coming out wonderfully! I have about 3 feet of it completed and it’s looking quite impressive! I am also working on my first quilt (a Stack and Whack for you quilters out there) so I spent most of Saturday afternoon cutting and ironing and matching for that. I now have all of my pinwheel pieces cut and ready to go, next I need to work on getting the fabric to complete the square and deciding what to get for background fabric. I’m hoping to finish it by Christmas, but I’m not sure if that is overly ambitious?

It’s a fairly quiet week, I’m trying to use any extra time I have to organize and prepare for the craziness that are the Holidays.

Friday, October 20, 2006


I will be meeting my boyfriend (who lives halfway across the country. sigh.) in Pittsburgh, PA for a quick pre-holiday get together the first weekend in November while he's traveling for business. Is anyone out there from or familiar with the Pittsburgh area with any recommendations of fun stuff to do?!?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wry Baby!

Hi All,

I've been completely lagging in the posting area lately. I'm sorry. I have lots of details to share with everyone, but I'm deciding the best way to do that and just how much information I want to reveal about myself in the process. :) That's always one of my dilemas when it comes to blogging... how much the readers of my blog (ha. IF there are reader's of my blog!) want to know about me, personally, as opposed to what's on my mind. Anyway, sorry for the rant!

What I really wanted to share with you is this great baby-gift site, Wry Baby! I've had to purchase a few baby shower gifts recently and this is a pretty clever take on usual baby items. I purchased the "I am not a boy" for a friend who is expecting her first girl! (She has three sons already and couldn't be more excited for a female friend!) I thought you all might enjoy these wry expressions!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Think Pink!

Because it's breast cancer awareness month I'm inclined to share these pajamas with you! I just ordered these and I can't wait to start wearing them! If you haven't heard of them, PajamaGram is a really great gift-company whose packaging is top-notch! I've sent a PajamaGram numerous times and each time the person I've sent it to has been so excited about the gift! Each order comes in an organza hatbox with a personalized greeting card, and lavendar sachet! What's even better is that they have great men's pajamas (and his and hers) all with different packaging and are starting a new kids line for Christmas! This will make a great gift for the Holidays and it's always one of my first choices for New Baby/Mom-to-Be gifts! Also, this month they are offering a discount of 15% if you enter the code PGFall15. Enjoy!