Friday, January 29, 2010

Zero Progress

I've been feeling pretty good about myself lately with all of my marathon training, teaching more Jazzercise than I have since I moved down here, and eating well. My clothes are fitting differently, I feel differently, and I thought I was really on my way to making some progress in the weight-loss department.

I just weighed myself for the first time since Christmas.

I'm into the fourth week of marathon training and have added 15+miles into my workout routine weekly.



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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Kind of Mom Are You?

I'm not pregnant. Don't worry. I was online browsing Valentines Day ideas and came across a quiz- - What kind of Mom Are You/Will You be? The results?!?!

Classic Mom

You have impeccable, traditional tastes, a clean polished look, and amazing grace under pressure.

Famous moms like you:
    • Angie Harmon • Brooke Shields • Reese Witherspoon



Before I headed home for Christmas vacation Jax told me that he had tickets for a Celtics game for a weekend in January and asked if I would like to go with him. Like it was even a question- - now that I don’t have grad school and I live in my own apartment I can TOTALLY plan weekends like this. I obviously said yes!

Jax, being the super-considerate guy that he is, planned the weekend and it included driving to CT to pick me up and driving me back to CT at the end of the weekend. I told him that while I appreciated the sentiment- - that was TOTALLY unnecessary. I decided to take the train from CT to Boston instead of driving to meet him. I don’t know how many of you have had the opportunity to take a train before, but it was my first time and I absolutely loved it. It was about the same travel time as driving BUT it was SO EASY. There are comfortable seats, a bar/snack car, electrical outlets, plenty of storage room and NO LINES. NO SECURITY. NO WAITING. NO DELAYS OR CANCELLATIONS!

Seriously, I’m a walking advertisement for Amtrak now.

When I stepped off the train Jax was waiting for me at the end of the track. He had arrived early to check in and make sure he knew how to get to/from the station and the hotel. He took my bags and we started the two-block walk to our hotel. We stayed at the InterContinental, which was, in one word, amazing. I’m about as low-maintenance as a girl can get, really, I’d be fine at a Motel 6 or a Holiday Inn, but there IS something to say for staying in a really nice hotel. The room was gorgeous, the hotel bar was a hopping nightspot, and the concierge service was incredible.

I walked into the room to find a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine chilling in an ice bucket, two wine glasses on the table, a box of chocolate covered strawberries and three wrapped presents.


It was a little cliché and like a scene out of a movie, but for right now… this movie is my life and I am loving every second of it.

The three wrapped presents were a wooden box of wine opener accessories (which came in handy for our bottle of wine), and two cashmere sweaters.

I know.

I do not own, nor have I ever owned anything cashmere and Jax just cannot fathom that. So… he decided to pick out a couple to get me started.

We relaxed for a bit and then got ready to head to the Celtics game. I’ve never been to the Garden (is it still called that?!?) before so that was quite an experience and we caught an awesome game. After the game we met up with one of my best friends from college and spent the night on the town!

Saturday morning we were up surprisingly early. I had a 6-mile run to get to so while I was getting ready for that Jax asked the concierge where I should run. We got it mapped out and headed down to Boston Harbor so I could run along the Harbor Walk. It was nice to be by the water, but I think it’s called the Harbor WALK for a reason, it wasn’t the BEST for running, but it was close to the hotel, didn’t have any stop lights, and Jax could go to the aquarium while he waited for me.

It was almost noon by the time I was showered and dressed so we headed straight to Faneuil Hall for lunch. We stopped at Durgin Park- Jax had the ribs, I got the Thanksgiving sandwich then set out for an afternoon of shopping. We did WAY more shopping that I thought we would. We started around Faneuil Hall and cleaned out Gap, then headed up towards Downtown Crossing. My friend from Friday night had a new perfume that I FELL IN LOVE WITH. And… you know me… I needed it immediately.

Four hours later we walked back to the hotel saddled with shopping bags. (I momentarily forgot that I was taking a train back to CT and didn’t have ROOM for all of this STUFF! It was so much fun though, shopping in Boston, totally worth it. )

We relaxed again for a bit, Jax may or may not have passed out watching tv while I tried on all of my new purchases and then we got ready to head out- - again. We started at the bar at the InterContinental, headed to Faneuil Hall AGAIN (it was walking distance) for dinner. We went to an awesome seafood restaurant whose name escapes me now, then met up with my cousin and her best friend for another night out on the town.

Overall? It was one of the BEST weekends I’ve had in a while. Completely fun and relaxing.

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Marathon Monday

I know, it’s Tuesday. Apologies. Here’s my marathon update!

T- 3m- 24:12minutes; 7:32/mile. OUTSIDE! IN THE MORNING!

W- 5m-38:31; 7:39/mile. Outside!

Th-3m-24:21; 7:35/mile. Treadmill.


S- 6m- 47:55; 7:55- Outside on Boston Harbor!


Friday, January 22, 2010

15 and WHAT?

I was watching the Thursday night line-up last night (Grey's, Private Practice) and, for those of you who watch PP- - Maya, a fifteen year old, is pregnant. I was talking with my sister as we watched it and had the realization...


Not that I was participating in any activities at 15 who's outcomes could be pregnancy, I wasn't. BUT STILL.

A TEN YEAR OLD CHILD. At the age of 25. IS NOT SOMETHING I'm ready for AT ALL.

It's amazing what "growing up" does. At fifteen, I probably felt grown-up, and adult, and ready to take on the world... at 25? I think my fifteen year old self was a huge baby with a lot to learn.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy MLK Day!

It's a holiday for many of you out in the blogosphere, I hope you're enjoying it. We have a nice long weekend here in CT and since I was just home through January 3rd I wasn't SUPER anxious to get back in the car and head north this quickly. Jax, of course, was more than happy to head down here for the weekend.

We had an awesome weekend. He arrived Friday evening in time to go out for drinks and dinner, we went shopping, we went out with friends... it was so nice and relaxing.

I had asked my mom to send some things from home down with Jax so he had a bag full of goodies from her AND a surprise for our apartment:
I had asked my mom for Bed Bath and Beyond coupons so we could buy a small, roller vacuum and mentioned that to Jax, and? He bought one for us! How sweet is that?!?!?! And it was even nicer than the one we wanted!

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Marathon Monday

Wow. This Marathon Monday came up quick! I can't believe it's been two weeks of training already. I'm still feeling pretty good and motivated which is awesome!

T- 3miles- 25:77; 8:02/mile
W- 5 miles- 40:11, 7:46/mile
Th- 3 miles- 25:14, 7:40/mile
Sat- 9 miles- 75 minutes, 7:59/mile

This week should be relatively easy with another set of 3,5,3 miles then just 6 on Saturday!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Marathon Monday

Welcome to my new weekly update- Marathon Monday!

Here's last week's totals

Tuesday- 3 miles, 5:30am, treadmill, 26min, 7:59/mile
Wednesday- 5 miles; 3:04pm, outside!, 41:39, 7:54/mile
Thursday- 3 miles, 5:30am, treadmill, 25:05, 7:55/mile
Friday- REST!
Saturday- 8 miles, 9:30am, outside!, 66:12, 7:56/mile
Sunday- cross train- boxing

It's basically the same schedule this week, but with 9 miles on Saturday!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Art of Relaxation

This weekend has been one of the most relaxing weekends I've had in *such* a long time. Friday evening my sister and I went to a Jazzercise fundraiser my center/instructors were hosting and we had so much fun. In a place where my sister and I don't have a HUGE social circle it's always nice to be a part of something larger, to be part of a community, if only for a night. Jazzercise here is SO different than my experience in Vermont it's incredible. So many people working towards the same goals... don't ever underestimate the power of that.

Yesterday I slept in and headed out for my long run of the week (updates to come on new theme day- Marathon Monday), I came in, showered, and we ran out to do some errands. I was, of course, unsuccessful in finding what I was looking for but that's okay, I need to regulate my spending anyway.

Last night we saw The Blind Side. In a word? UNBELIEVABLE. That movie IS SO GOOD. If you haven't seen it yet, GO. NOW. TONIGHT. Really, it was amazing. I got teary-eyed at least 13 times, but it's football-ish enough for guys to like too. I have since become obsessed with it- - google-ing the real story, watching the 20/20 episode about it, buying the book the movie was based on. Seriously, I can't say enough good things about it, I even watched football today just to see Michael Oher play for the Ravens.

Today I slept in (again) headed to Greenwich to do my laundry (thank god for my sister's ((ex))boyfriend's family), went to boxing, then came home, showered, got in my bathrobe and sat in my chair until 4:30. I know, I couldn't believe it either. I learned some new jazz songs, talked to some friends on the phone, and made plans for the weekend.

I have a four-day weekend coming up and Jax is coming to visit which will be fun. Of course, RC texted me today to let me know that he thought he would fly in for the weekend to hang out with me... I know. I know. The drama is endless.

I'm looking forward to heading to bed early tonight, once 5am Monday morning hits it seems like I don't stop until Friday at 3pm.

Here's to a great week!

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Pretty much sums up what Jax gifted me for Christmas. I almost died at the amount of gifts he had for me under the tree (which was pink, and purchased just for me). The way he gifted me the gifts is SO funny it deserves it's own post while simultaneously demonstrates that I'm a LITTLE... um... what's the word?


Yea, that's it.

Let's start at the top:

My first pair of designer jeans (Sevens). He took me out shopping and I tried on about 23 pairs.
$150 gift certificate to a local spa
Honora pearl necklace (in pink)
Honora pearl earrings (left image)
Gift basket from Bath and Body Works (Warm Vanilla Sugar)
Sandalwood Vanilla candle

and a few other things.

I still cannot believe at the thoughtfulness and generosity of his gifts for me. It was very overwhelming at the time, but I have enjoyed EVERY SINGLE gift so far. It's incredible.

Can you blame me for being SLIGHTLY influenced to make it official with him?!??!

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"Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired in the morning, noon, and night. But the body is never tired if the mind is not tired."

- George S. Patton, U.S. Army General, 1912 Olympian

Trying to let my mind run my body.


Low Key Morning

This morning we had a 90minute delay. I, of course, went to bed last night at 8:30 so I was WIDE awake by the time the 5:43am phone call came. I relaxed this morning nonetheless. I woke up, made some tea, sat DOWN to drink it instead of throwing it in a travel mug and rushing out the door. I made a couple of phone calls to friends (my friends love me and don't mind that I call SUPER early), brushed off the cars (including the super-b*tch neighbor who lives downstairs from us- - New Year's resolutions, WHAT!!!!!), I just took. my. time. And? It was awesome.

Today is also my rest day for working out which probably has something to do with the enjoyable morning. I didn't wake up at 5am to be at boxing or at the gym cranking out the miles on a treadmill.

I also ate 5 munchkins today which doesn't say too much for my diet. Damn it.

Tonight we have a huge Jazzercise event which my sister is accompanying me to. It's going to be a great weekend.

Happy Friday!


Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Proposition

Boston Guy will be on a two-week military leave from Iraq in three weeks. He facebook chatted me to see if I was interested in getting together when he drives through CT over one of the weekends. I said, of course!

His response?

"Great, I can't wait to seduce you- - if you're willing of course. Or... even if you're not. :)"

F THAT smiley face.

REALLY Boston Guy? REALLY?!??!??!?!



Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Year in Review

Happy New Year!

It’s been so long, I don’t even really know where to start. The end of the year was a whirlwind and I’ve just returned to CT from two and half weeks in beautiful Vermont with my friends and family. I’m always amazed at how quickly time flies when you’re having fun. As usual, I arrived home (VT) with a list of things I wanted to accomplish while I was there, I achieved ONE of them. Not a great track record, I know. It’s easy to get caught up in errands, and plans, and friends, and family, and drinking and eating… and all of the sudden it’s a new year. I’ve got lots to share and update you with, but while I get my head around just HOW I’m going to summarize the past two months, I’ll leave you with a review of 2009:

-took 15 graduate level courses

-moved three times

-dieted for the first time in my life


-went on some ridiculous blind dates

-completely ended an on-again, off-again romance with a boy from college

-spent the summer in SCHOOL

-had a whirlwind non-romance with Mr. Boston

-took three weeks in August to go home and RELAX

-watched two of my sisters graduate from their respective programs

-moved in and work with one of them

-shuffled 3 guys around

-made it official with (a new)one of them

-may be re-evaluating above decision


My goals for 2010 are:

-talk less about people

-tell someone when I like their outfit/hair/shoes/etc

-run a marathon (May 30th, be prepared for updates)

-read more for FUN

-get a “real” job and my own classroom (in VERMONT, fingers crossed)