Friday, May 28, 2010

The Marathon

Is on Sunday. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?! It felt SO far away in January and February and all of the sudden. BAM. Here I am packing my sneakers, making a playlist for my ipod and icing my knee.

Yea... my knee. I did something to it about three weeks ago and haven't been able to run more than 3 miles at once since then. I'm extremely nervous for Sunday but hope that the adrenaline of actually being IN THE RACE will get me through it. I went to see a joint doctor, but he couldn't find anything seriously wrong so he prescribed an anti-inflammatory.

After training for this thing since JANUARY THIRD I will be more than devastated if I can't finish. Not to mention we've planned a rocking post-marathon party that well... would be embarrassing to attend if I didn't RUN the marathon.

At this point though, I feel great about all of my training and how I've prepared. I just hope it all pays off on Sunday.

Send me good (fast! HEALTHY!) thoughts!


Sunday, May 23, 2010


My friend, S, called Thursday afternoon and asked if I would join him at his boss' wife's 50th birthday party on Saturday night. The party was across the Hudson in Jersey and only two people were invited from work so he was hoping to have a built-in someone to hang with. Me.

I called him Saturday afternoon to check in on timing and what I should wear. His response? "Totally casual. I'm wearing khakis and a button down." Okay, hmmm... I debated wearing a dress/skirt but decided that I didn't want to be over the top. It was cooling off and the party was around 6pm so I didn't want to look to daytime or too night-ish. I decided on black capris and a dressy printed top.

I had almost reached the UWS when I got a text from him, "Hey! Looks like we're leaving a little later for the party than I thought. Gonna head out around 8pm. We'll grab drinks here before we go."


I get to his apartment, sit down on the couch with a beer and see an invitation sitting on the coffee table. "PAR-TAY" No. Really.

I picked it up and started reading it. It was for the birthday party we were about to attend. It was being held at a restaurant and said, "Party starts at 8! Join us for dinner, drinks and lots of dancing!"

"Uhhhh, S? You didn't tell me this party was at a restaurant...I thought it was at their house!"

Him, "at a restaurant?!? WHAT!?"

Me: "Oh my gosh! Dinner and DANCING?!? I should have worn a dress! I can't believe you didn't tell me this!"

Him: "You look fine! I'm wearing khakis and a linen shirt. Really, you're fine!"

Me: "S!"

I don't know why guys don't understand this stuff!

We arrived at the party and it was like walking into an episode of Real Housewives: New Jersey. Everyone was dressed TO THE NINES. Seriously, this party was amazing. Drinks were flowing, appetizers were being served and the dance floor was hopping.

We were very late, but still hadn't missed dinner, but everyone was about two hours ahead of us intoxication-wise which kept it, VERY interesting.

The best part of the night was when the birthday girl's 18 year old daughter stood up, with the mic, and gave a speech.

"Mom. You know we love you so much. Thank you for everything you do, for raising two great kids who you love and for teaching me what's important: never wearing sweatpants and never leaving the house without a blow out. You're the best. KISSES!"


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Friday, May 21, 2010

Bachelorette Parties

As you know, I am in a wedding this summer. Of course, I will be attending the bride's bachelorette party hosted by her two sisters. Instead of doing one, wild night on the town we've rented a house on the cape for a weekend and will spend the weekend together celebrating.

This to me, sounds like a dream bachelorette party. There will be no strippers, we're all staying together and we can hit the beach during the day. We can stock the fridge and coolers too so it's reasonably economical. (Remember, the bride has ELEVEN. Count 'em: ELEVEN. bridesmaids so splitting ANYTHING eleven ways is... fairly reasonable.)

Here's the thing that I don't understand. Everyone's penchant for having male-genitalia themed EVERYTHING. We've been planning the weekend and the emails going around included supplies we would need for the party. Food, drinks, bedding, etc. Then people starting replying about items we would need to pick up at the "dirty" store.

Excuse me?

The "dirty" store?

I don't know about all of you, but I? Don't go there. Nor do I want to be at a party with items from there.

Let me assure you, I am no prude and I'm, for the most part, outgoing and liberal. I don't even mind certain items. But having p3nis (sorry, don't want spammers) shaped glasses, straws, hats, necklaces, plates and cakes REALLY does not appeal to me.

I don't get it.

It's not like everyone there hasn't seen one before. It's not as if the soon-to-be bride and groom haven't been living together for two years and she'll be preparing and anxiously awaiting a BIG night.

I really, just, DO NOT GET IT.

I don't think it's funny, and I just don't see the point.

Am I the crazy one here? What's the appeal?

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My sister has been heading into the city every Tuesday night to have dinner with her (non)boyfriend. It's usually nice because it gives us a night apart, (I get the bed to myself), and it's nice for them to have a weeknight to spend some time together.

With my impeding move D, Sister 1 and I have been trying to squeeze weeknight hang-outs in to fulfill everything we want to do before M-Day and, my sister is always trying to get me to go into the city with her but with Jazzercise and other work stuff I rarely have time. Last night, she thought she'd try one more time and... I said yes. I didn't have too much else going on and had time to get a quick run in first. GAME ON.

Best Friend S, who lives in NYC, Sister 1 and I emailed back and forth all day long trying to make reservations for dinner. We tried five different places that were all booked.

For 8:30 on a Tuesday night.


J, (the non-boyfriend) was on his way home from a squash match and when we told him about our difficulty making a reservation he replied, "F*ck it. We're goin' to NOBU!"

I had never been there before, the only thing I knew was that it was fairly expensive... Sister 1, who has been there a few times, was PUMPED. She loves it there. We called S, told him to meet us down there and we headed down.

Can I just say one thing...

that dinner was probably the BEST dinner I've ever had in my entire life.

Because J has been there quite a few times and is very familiar with the menu we didn't even open them. He ordered for the table. We had (and I'll probably get ALL of these dishes incorrect): tuna tartar, jalapeno yellowtail, california roll, lettuce wraps, two versions of kobe beef, rock shrimp tempura, two desserts, sake and lychee martinis.

It was such a fun night, the four of us were able to relax, have a few drinks, an incredible dinner and catch up in a way that we haven't been able to in a while.

The bill was probably more than I make in a month, but...

J treated. :)

I'm usually very down to earth but sometimes it's awesome to (pretend) to live the high life.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I decided..."long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadow! If I fail, if I succeed at least I've lived as I believed!" (Excuse that tangent, as I re-read I decided I couldn't help but break into Whitney Housten-esque vocals.) I decided last summer that I wanted to learn how to play golf but with all of the classes I was enrolled in I really did NOT have the time. Also, it's kind of expensive and not exactly in the budget.

I mentioned at dinner one night last spring to Sister 2's (non)boyfriend's family that I wanted to learn how to play golf. They thought that sounded amazing and are all avid golfers. My sister, last summer, was NOT in support of golf. She felt that it took up too much time and took her (non)boyfriend away far too often.

I actually think she say have said one night. Over dinner to the entire family. OF GOLFERS. "I don't think you can consider it a SPORT if you're allowed to smoke and drink while doing it."

Yes. She's brazen and brassy and stubborn but... that's why we love her. (I think.)

Despite her very obvious feelings on the sport her (non)boyfriend's mother bought her a pair of golf shoes and offered to sign her up for lessons at their exclusive country club.


Well, a year has passed and my sister's golf shoes have been collecting dust in a closet.

Until now.

I found reasonable golf lessons at a club near our house and we took our first one on Saturday. It was so awesome. The Pro could not have been nicer, the staff was so friendly and the club was very welcoming and non-snobby. (Something that is a LITTLE hard to find in the area that we live.)

We've been to the driving range twice since then and- - I quote- - my sister said she's "hooked."

We've got a long way to go before we get out on the course but let's hope this is the start to something great. I've got a feeling it is.


Monday, May 17, 2010


So, the new guy from the bar last weekend is a police officer. Did I mention that? Well, Mr. Officer really cannot seem to get enough of me. He's a little over the top. And by a little, I mean a lot.

Here is a sampling of texts I've received from him in the past seven days:

"Yeah I have nothing better to do but text girls! Oh yea, forgot I only wanted to text ONE girl. YOU."

"I got no problem working for it! All I asked for was a shot!"

"Sweet dreams, I am looking forward to a date and glad I got to meet you."

"Have a great day beautiful!"

"Just wanted to say hi, thinking of you!"

"Remember that girl from the bar the other day? She got a tattoo of me cause I am her hero."

"Well, this big deal is off to the grocery store! I am looking forward to taking you out and workin' my game in person."

"Listen Woman! I don't have a lot of time, hockey is on and so are the Yankees so slow your roll down there! I know it's hard to focus, you will see me soon enough."

"Have fun! Don't be afraid to tell me how we will rock!"

"Enjoy, sweet dreams. Wish I was able to see you sooner than later."

"You and me some drinks the smell of the fire and my mix tape. I might get the courage to lean in for a kiss. HA."

"I'm so ready to buy you dinner."

"Baby I have to deal with SO much stuff right now! Don't know how late you are up but want you to know that I am thinking about you and am glad that i met you."

"Morning baby! Hope you get to rock that smile in the sun! "

"Wish I was your pool boy delivering you drinks..."

"I am 209lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal! Come on girl you know you laughed a little!"

I would type all of my responses but I don't have time for that and frankly, I don't respond to each text. I am NOT encouraging these types of texts though, let me assure you.

What can we learn from his texts thus far?

-He called me "woman". Something that, if you really know me, you will NEVER, EVER, EVER do. Nor would you refer to any other woman as "woman."

-He is a Yankees fan. (bleh.)

-He has started calling me "baby". I am, in no way shape or form, "baby". I know some people use it as a term of endearment and the first time someone EVER called me "babe" I was a little flattered, (I was also a junior in high school, so...) but I don't "do" terms of endearment so much. I have a name... use it.


Friday, May 14, 2010

D's Response

My friend, D, always gives me a hard time about not updating my blog enough. OKAY D, pretty sure you had a rockin' blog for a hot minute that hasn't been updated since, ohhhh... you know... LAST MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway. After reading my last blog post I received this from her in my inbox:

dont look that cute today. at all. your blog? you need to set an age limit to like 31. a person approaching 40 who is divorced has NOTHING in common with you. why buy damaged goods? divorced= either made a bad decision or is a douchebag as my kids would say and neither is a good choice. tell him to take a hike.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Habitual Problem

I think about what I want to write...ALL THE TIME. While I'm at school, while I'm working out, while I'm in the shower and then I get here, open up my laptop and?




this is what I get. It's so frustrating. I've GOT to start writing these ideas down. I promise they're not all totally lame.

I guess I can start with last weekend. I was home for a variety of reasons and ended up at the bar (GO FIGURE) Saturday afternoon at three. I wasn't drinking (yet) before you assume that I'm a complete lush (which I usually am), and it was just the regular crew of boys in there. Including Jax. Who would like nothing more than to get back together. But that's beside the point.

This unfamiliar guy (man) came in, sat down and started visiting with us. It was clear that he was very much "in" the group- - they all knew the same people and the same stories - - BUT I had never met him. Which, honestly, is unusual. I spend enough time there that people, even if we haven't met, at least look familiar.

After about twenty minutes of them chatting he came and sat next to me. It was getting a little weird because we were all talking together and I had NO idea who he was so I used the opportunity to introduce myself.

We chatted for a while, then my parents and sister came down and he moved to the other side of the bar. We didn't see each other again for the rest of the night but he did stop by on his way out t0 say that it was nice to meet me.

Then? He got home and sent me a Facebook message. And has sent about 498 messages/texts since then. He is CONVINCED that I'd be a great girl to date.

I'm not necessarily ruling it out, TOTALLY, but he has a little bit of a reputation, is divorced (WHAT IS IT WITH ME AND DIVORCED GUYS LATELY?!?!? IS THIS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TURN 25??? YOU'RE DESTINED TO FIND SOMEONE WHO'S ALREADY BEEN MARRIED?!?! GOD!!!!!!!!), runs in the same social circle as Jax, and is 39.

I know.

He'd like to take me out on a date the next time I'm home, but I'm not quite sure... in some of his text messages he refers to me as, "woman" and? I'm SO not down with that.

To add fuel to my (non)dating fire one of Coach's (remember him?) very, very good friends came out for a drink later that night to celebrate my new job. What a sweet guy, huh? He immediately inquired about my status with Coach as they had spent the last weekend golfing together and knew that he had texted me the whole weekend. We sort of talked about things and he said, "Listen M, you are an amazing girl. Really. And you and Coach five years ago would have been perfect. You and Coach IN five years, would be perfect. You and Coach right now? NOT going to work? He's a mess, he doesn't know what he wants and he's a REAL asshole. You're too good for and you don't have time for this shit."

And... for one of the first times in my life, I completely agreed. As much as I like(d) Coach and would have like(d) something to work out. I don't have the time or patience in my life for guys like that. The old Me would have spent hours rationalizing how I'm the perfect girl and, of course it will work- - it's ME, but I've moved on from that. I think. I hope.

I also hope though, that I'm not destined to only get asked out by 34+ men who have one failed marriage under their belts. I'd like something, well... just something normal.


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Monday, May 03, 2010

On Love and Luck

I spent the weekend with my parents as they came to visit for a few days. My dad hasn't been since we moved INTO our apartment and my mom hasn't been since late October so it was fun to have them around show them all of our favorite places. Also, with my sister moving to a new apartment and me moving to Vermont we got a little bit of a jump-start on the moving process.

I know everyone probably feels like their parents are THE BEST, and they are probably REALLY great, but my parents? Are above and beyond normal greatness. They arrived late Thursday night and woke up when Sister 2 and I headed to work. My dad and I grabbed coffee at Dunkin' Donuts then we left for school and my parents headed to Greenwich to pick up a couch I had purchased on Craig's List. They drove it back to my apartment and brought it upstairs.

They met us at school for lunch, Mystery Bag and Poetry Cafe. They do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that we need them to without even CARING. We shopped, my dad got a new cell phone, we went out to dinner(s) and breakfast and then, as the weekend was nearing it's end they helped me pack their car with everything I was sending home, drove it home, and unpacked it when they got there.

Most of my friends/family are responsible for all of this stuff by themselves. I am so grateful to have parents who really don't mind helping us out.

And? They were the last ones standing with me at the bar Saturday night. Then, we ordered a 6pack of Mic Ultra back to the room.

Seriously. My parents rock.

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