Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm a Slacker Baby

I had THE. MOST. RELAXING. STRESS-FREE. weekend I've had in a long time. Jax was here visiting and we just, basically chilled for 48 hours. I would love to tell you all about it, but? I am getting observed tomorrow for the first time and I've got to get my lesson plans ready to go.


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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh My God, Becky? Look at THAT Butt

I know, the sister stories are getting a little old. Some of you have expressed concern that she might read this blog? I assure you, my sister has ZERO interest in my blog. She doesn't even find me THAT funny in real life (I know, I can't imagine either) she wouldn't waste her time reading my nonfunniness in her free time. Trust me.

Last week my sister borrowed one of my dresses. I don't mind sharing my clothes at all, it looked great on her, which- - quite frankly- - I was shocked about because, let's remember. She's a 00 and barely breaks 100 SOAKING WET.

We always choose our outfits the night before. It really suits our TOTAL TYPE A personalities well and saves time in the morning. So... last night she comes prancing out of the bedroom in another one of my dresses. I didn't KNOW she was in there trying my clothes on, but being the sweet, patient, EASYGOING, older sister that I am, I say,

"Wow! M! That looks great!"

And she turned to the left.

Turned to the right.

Smoothed the skirt.

Checked her babelicious self out in the full-length.

I continued, "and it's supposed to be warm tomorrow! So that's perfect!"

She turned towards me.

Crinkled her nose. And says, "Oh, GOD. I would NEVER wear this to school! I mean... look at it! It's so... BIG!"

She takes her little witch fingers and pulls at the cotton top, "I mean, it's like... so SAGGY. I could NEVER wear this to school. It's too LOOSE. I mean..." she turns sideways and fluffs up the "loose" fabric, "it's just. TOO BIG. Don't you THINK!??! It's TOO BIG for school?!? I could NEVER wear this to school! Look at it! I mean, it's just kind of HANGS off of me. I was thinking that I could wear it Friday. To the casino."

I really was at a loss for words, so I simply said, "Oh, M! Of course! That will be perfect for the casino..." I hear they LIKE. BIG. BAGGY. SAGGY. Dresses there!

Her response? "Yea... maybe. Or I could just wear jeans and a t-shirt. That's really, my thing anyway."



A word for the wise to any skinny girls out there reading this. When your friends/sisters/coworkers graciously share their clothes with you. Don't make any comments about how ill they fit.


The FatAss Older Sister

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When She Says Jump I Say, "How High"

I went to bed a little grumpy thinking, "Hey! Tomorrow's a new day! Things will look up!

This morning? Was a disaster. I'm innocently straightening my hair in the bathroom when I hear, "M...mgpurd jdpudhd, gudhs."

"What? I can't hear you!" I responded.

Sister: "There's a SPIDER in HERE and I need HELP. I STILL can't SEE. My EYES AREN'T ADJUSTED YET."

Me: "Okay." I pick up some tissues and head into the bedroom. "Where is it?"

Her: Standing on the bed with shoes on her hands. "Right THERE."

And... there it is. All 2" and 8 legs of it. It's sick.

Me: "Okay..." I kneel down to get closer to the spider that is on the floor and my sister hands me a boot. The spider, however, is too close to the wall/corner for me to make a successful WHACK.

We push the bed over, move the nightstand and my sister hands me a bottle of windex to spray it. I'm armed with windex and the boot and lean closer.


The spider takes OFF RUNNING! AND JUMPING! AND ZIGZAGGING TRYING TO FAKE ME OUT. There's a FRENZY in the bedroom with me hovering over the spider with a boot and windex and my sister, standing on the bed, yelling, "GET IT! GET IT!"

It stops. IN THE CORNER.

Damn it.

I asked my sister to get me a cup. A place the cup around the spider and drag it out into the middle of the floor so I can have more room to work. The spider, not liking this in the least, starts CRAWLING UP the GLASS and JUMPING AGAINST IT. I'm NOT even kidding... I could feel the vibrations from it jumping. Again. sick.

I lift the edge of the cup up EVER SO SLIGHTLY to see if it's going to move.


I freak out, push the cup down and look up, "WHAT?!?!!?"


I look to where she's pointing. There is... a MAYBE pinkie fingernail sized spider on the wall. Personally, I would have left it. My sister? No way. Takes a boot to that thing like it's her job and SMEARS it on the wall. No joke. She SMEARED a spider on the wall. I look at her, totally annoyed and she responds, "Yea. That's just what I DO. I can clean it later if its bugging you that much."

Bugging me? Psssshaw! I *love* spider guts on the wall.

I don't even respond because if I did? I would have kicked her ass right there before school.

Now we have spider guts on the wall and Mt. Everest of a spider underneath the cup. Good morning, it's my lucky freakin' day.

I, once again, slowly tip the cup up and expose the spider enough for me to WHACK it. I did and it curled into a ball. I hit it again. Was that enough for my deranged sister? Of course not.

She starts yelling directions:


When the spider was dead enough for her liking she instructed me to pick it up and flush it down the toilet.

Then, she hands me a bottle of spider spray my Dad had sent and says, "I read the directions. It looks easy enough."

I just looked at her.

THEN. THEN. On the WAY TO SCHOOL. She looks over at me and says, "Yea, are you Grumpy today or something? What's your deal?!?"

She was serious.

I had no words.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm Annoyed

You guys know I love my sister(s) and I really DO enjoy living with my sister. Really. I do. SOMETIMES though- - she can be a REAL PITA. You don't know her, so it will be hard to appreciate what I'm talking about here but she can be... in a word? Abrasive. (Don't EVER tell her I used THAT word specifically because she's very sensitive about it.)

Really though, sometimes she's unbearable.

Example 1:
We've had some spider issues and I was telling her one day how I had to kill one and her response?


"M. Stop right now. Seriously, STOP. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THIS. I WILL MOVE OUT."

Over spiders? I mean...I don't like them either, but... COME ON.

Example 2:
We still don't have a couch in our place so tonight we went to look at one for sale. The futon I was looking at- - she hated. Obviously. I'm not sure where homegirl got her (upscale) taste from but it sure wasn't from Ourtown, VT. Conveniently, the people who were selling the futon ALSO had a leather pull-out couch with a matching lazy-boy for sale. For 3x as much. She *LOVED* that. Realistically, I know that it's a pretty good deal but... can't we just get a futon? Getting ANYTHING up our stairs and through our doors won't be easy. I'm looking for something easy.

Example 3:
I got in the shower and busy-little-queen-bee that she is was buzzing around the kitchen making her dinner. Well... she used the toaster oven and the microwave at the same time. Result? Blown Fuse.

Dun dun dunnnnnn.

She says, "Oh, hey, M. I think I just blew I fuse."

Me: "Okay...do we have a fuse box?"

Her: "Yea, we've got to. Obviously. You can't RENT AN APARTMENT WITHOUT A FUSE BOX."

Me- call the Landlord, ask about fusebox. He thinks it's downstairs. Gives me the downstairs tenants phone number and tells me to call them.

I call them, explain the situation and he goes to check the box in the basement, flips the switch, all is good.

Later, we were talking about nothing really and I told her that we got our first cable bill and how much it was. Her reaction?


Me: "Well, the wireless really isn't their deal. They provide the cable and that's working and we did say we wanted the dvr which is an additional $10/month... I kind of expected it to be what it is."

Her: "No WAY. We have the BEST of the BEST in the city and it's only $200 and we have the BEST. The BEST internet, the BEST cable the MOST you can get. Like, you can basically watch movies. ON TV. WHENEVER you WANT. There is NO WAY THIS IS RIGHT."

Me: "Oh, okay... well, I know that you have to pay to rent the boxes from them.... I don't know. Everyone I know pays around $120 for cable and we wanted dvr so $128 doesn't seem THAT out of line....? The bill is on my desk if you'd like to see it."

Her: "Well, I'll ask J (her boyfriend) what he thinks."

10 minutes pass.

Her: "J says we shouldn't be paying more than $40 for cable."

Me: "Right... but we also have internet. And dvr."

Her: "Right, but STILL."

Her: "J wants to know who our service provider is."

I tell her but at this point? I have HAD it. I don't make the rules, I don't make the price. The only thing I know is that I CALLED THE CABLE COMPANY TO SET IT UP. I SET UP THE WIRELESS (unsuccessfully- - but still). I MET THE CABLE GUYS HERE TO LET THEM IN. If she has a HUGE problem with the bill...I think I'll let HER deal with it.

I am G.R.U.M.P.Y. tonight.

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Conversations vol. WHO CARES

From D- -she's a funny, funny girl.

today after school i am going to buy mums for my front step and i feel like MY mum for doing that. i am gettting old. and haggish. tomorrow is school pics, what are you wearing??!


A Checklist

- Drank heavily two nights in a row (CHECK)
- Spent an entire Saturday recovering (CHECK)
-Went out to dinner in yoga pants and a t-shirt (CHECK)
-Proceeded to go to 2 bars in said outfit (CHECK)
-Stayed until closing and got followed to the car by a creepy mcCreeper (CHECK)
-Headed to Westport to shop at 3am (CHECK)
-Stopped at diner on the way for veggie omlettess, french toast, and chocolate milk (CHECK)
-Purchased Boatmen Gellar stationary at 3:32am (CHECK)
- Semi-drunk dialed one of the boys at 4am and chatted for over an hour (CHECK)
-slept until 11:24am (CHECK)

*SO* many stories from the weekend ... coming soon.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

On my way out

the door for the night. First a date then a work party at D's. Woop Woop. Unfortunate thing? I'm a fat@$$. FOR REAL.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Before Everything Blows Up in my Face

I'm not going to lie, I'm a fun girl. Especially when I've been drinking. Because of this when I'm out, at home (for some reason this only happens in good ol' VT), I tend to attract a lot of male attention. Which would, normally, be awesome. However, when I'm at home I usually split my time between one of two bars. Are you doing the math? This means that MOST of the male attention I'm receiving comes from ONE. OF TWO. Social groups. You know, that whole bar scene can be very clique-y and mafia-like. Which, boils down to... most of the guys I hang out with at home and/or have crushes on me... are best friends. Dun. Dun. Dunnnnnn.

Most (sane) girls would run screaming from this seeing the inevitable, impeding disaster. NOT ME. Notice I said, most, sane girls. I plow straight ahead into the "Danger: ROAD CLOSED" sign. That's just how I roll.

So... I still have the boys from the summer with the same names (from Bar 1) but really only one is THAT interested and honestly? He hunts. So... well... I still don't know about that. But as far as personalities are concerned? We're a match made in heaven. Really. He's about the funniest person I hang out with. (Aside from D- - she takes the cake.)

AND NOW. From Bar 2. Orginally there was one of the owners, K, whom I've discussed here before. Then I hit on Jax that night with D (who, of course, is K's best friend). Jax and I hung out Friday night at the bar where I caught another guy's eye. (I honestly don't try and none of these guys are EXCEPTIONALLY cute- - maybe Jax- - but that's it so don't get all, "She's totally bragging and showing her stuff" on me. Cause? I'm not) Of course, new guy, we'll call him Kiwi, is friends with K AND with Jax. He called me over the weekend to do lunch, (I couldn't), called me Sunday night to see how the trip back was, and- - this is where it gets good- - called me last night to say hi.

So, cue me- - just receiving a text from Jax reading, "Hey, I just got home, I'm gonna shower and I'll call you."

I put the phone down, settle into The Biggest Loser when, 15 minutes later the phone rings.

Restricted Number.

It's Kiwi.

"Helloooooo..." I say. We start in on a ten minute conversation where he tells me that he'd love to take me out next time I'm home, etc, etc. WHEN...

Jax beeps in.

I ignore it because I'm already on the phone. We finish our coversation and hang up. I dial Jax back.

He answers, we're chatting... making plans for him to come visit next weekend, WHEN...

R from Bar 1 beeps in. I ignore it cause I'm on the phone with Jax.

You see? I'm about one text-message-to-the-wrong-person away from this whole charade ending MISERABLY. Trouble is, I like all of these guys. I wouldn't necessarily want all of them to be my boyfriend though. So, where do I go from here? I like them, and like to hang out with them, and would like to be friends regardless but I'm also not interested in leading them on or breaking any hearts.

D says I need to lay it out on the line and simply say to all of them- - "I'm dating... MANY people."

My preferred, non-confrontational method would be to get a t-shirt that says, "I date... LIBERALLY."

I kind of come from the school of thought that... well... if I DON'T know which one I want to be my boyfriend I'm entitled to hang out with all of them until I decide which one, if any, I like. Isn't that the premise of dating?


I was telling my mom this whole thing this morning and her words of wisdom?

"Yea M... life's a b*tch."

Thanks Mom.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Early Night Television

Okay, so I don't know if I've ever told you this or not, but I'm like... seriously good at Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Like REALLY good. And, you know me, I'm very modest, so you know that I HAVE to be really good if I'm telling you this. Right?


Anyway- - one of the puzzles on W o F tonight? Was...

Hot Commodity.

H.O.T. C.O.M.M.O.D.I.T.Y.

It was like Pat Sajak was speaking. DIRECTLY to me.


Gym Disaster

Last night as my sister and I were getting ready for school the next day she asked if I would maybe be interested in waking up early and heading to the gym. I'm always game for working out (usually...) and did used to teach four 6am Jazz classes in Vermont, so I figured... Why not?

The alarm went off this morning and even though I COULD have stayed under the covers for another hour and a half I decided- - NO- - GET UP. Out the door we went. Everything was going smoothly, I did the rowing machine for 30minutes and then switched to the elliptical. Where I could see myself the ENTIRE time in a FULL LENGTH mirror. In case you hadn't figured it out- - this is the DISASTER part.

My legs? Aren't legs. They're cellulite storage houses. I'm officially a fat a$$.

Back to reality.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Date Filled Weekend

After hitting a ridiculous amount of traffic on the way home Friday afternoon, we made it around 8pm and went straight to the bar. (Like you expected anything else...) Jax and my parents were already there and my other two sisters met us too. Jax and I had planned on leaving and heading to dinner but... we had a few too many drinks and decided to stay at the bar. I know, I'm a complete loser. You guys should have seen me- - I was flirting with ALL of the boys at the bar (they're all friends so Jax wasn't offended) and dancing UP A STORM. It was a very successful night. I really know how to impress a date.

After a birthday breakfast for my Dad's 50th, Saturday was spent in flannel pants all day nursing a HUGE HANGOVER. HUGE. Then, of course, we headed to happy hour at my cousin's house. One of my closest cousins got engaged in July (I'm going to be a bridesmaid- - woop!woop!) and she and her fiance were up from NC for the weekend to finalize some wedding details (not that we EVER need an excuse for a party). After happy hour we headed downtown to hit up the bars. I asked Jax if he wanted to join us- - he did- - so we all hung out until last call.

The night was great, Jax actually knew some of my friends already and enjoyed hanging out with my cousins and other friends. He's very sweet and easygoing and fantastic. Of course... he's in Vermont. And I'm in CT. What else is new? We were talking this morning and he totally said that he wanted to be with me more seriously and while I was flattered, I don't really think it will work. At least not now. I don't want to do the whole long-distance thing again, it's unfair and I don't know him well enough to know if it's something that I want to pursue. He was completely fine with and I think he's coming down to CT to visit for a weekend soon...

Baby steps.

If nothing else- - he's super fun to hang out with.

We'll see what happens...


Friday, September 11, 2009

Scorpio 9.11.09

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). You give smiles. You open doors. You greet, meet and help wherever you go. And you say the sweetest things to people and don't even realize it. Give yourself props for being generally decent, if not downright cool.

Lovin' this today.

Heading to Vermont for the weekend for a family party... and a date with Jax tonight. I was texting with him last night making plans and we decided on where we wanted to go. (This awesome Mexican place with fabulous margaritas). I asked him if he just wanted to meet at the restaurant. He responded, "if that works for you!" Then my mom called and jokingly said, "well, why don't we all meet at the bar first (the one where Jax and I met where we always hang out) for a drink?" I texted him back with that-- jokingly and his response? "That sounds great. Your parents seem totally awesome. Call me when you're on your way."


The jury's still out on this one- - but chances seem good.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What I Did on my Summer Vacation

Today was a very typical first day of school. We found our desks, found our books, our binders, introduced ourselves and then- - of course- - we had to answer THE question. What I did on my summer vacation.

Except when I was in elementary school in Vermont the answers went something like this, “I went swimming in the lake.” “I went to camp.” “I had a sleepover with my cousins at my Grandma’s house.”

That’s not how they roll in Fairfield County.

The conversation in our room today went something like this:

Student 1: I went to Paris and we saw the Eiffel Tower.

Student 2: Oh! I went there too, but we also went to the south of France.

Student 3: I went to my house in the Adirondacks. It was awesome. We boated and fished.

Student 4: I went to my house in Vermont. We also went to New Hampshire.

Student 5: I went hiking in MA then I went to Chicago.

Student 6: I went to Chicago- -saw a Cubs game! They won! We also went to Aspen and California.

Student 7: I went to Turkey and Greece.
Teacher: Oh! What was your favorite part?
Student 7: Santorini. It’s beautiful there. Clear water, warm temperatures.

Student 8: I also went to Paris. We stayed at the Ferragamo Hotel. Ferragamo is actually a shoe company. It’s very cool.
Teacher: Oh! Did you get a new pair of shoes.
Student 8: No, they didn’t have my size. My mom got two pairs though.

Student 9: I spent the whole summer on Nantucket. I took golf and tennis lessons.

Student 10: We went to the Bahamas.

And it went on…and on…and on…

Teacher: Well, I got married and went to Mongolia.

MY TURN: I moved. TWICE. And took FIVE graduate school classes.


My third graders are officially cooler than I am.

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Back to Schooooool

Today is the first day of school! Third grade here I come! :) Woop Woop!

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Another Boy Story with a Side of Crazy

What else is new? Remember Boston Boy? The one I didn’t think I impressed that much? We parted ways in July with me heading to my family vacation and him heading to the Southwest to prepare for deployment to Iraq. We spoke on the phone once, the first day he arrived and texted 5 times while he was there. Like I said, he obviously wasn’t that into me. I didn’t sweat it. Well, he was leaving for Iraq on Saturday and guess who’s phone BLEW UP ALL DAY LONG?


It seems Boston Boy just couldn’t leave the country without talking to me. And telling me that he should have flown me down there for his pass before he left. And that he hopes we can continue to talk while he’s over there. And that he’d like to see me on his two week leave in a few months. Believe me, I’m about as EASY as they come when it comes to being friends so I’m not totally against keeping in touch, etc. But really? How do you not talk to someone for five weeks and then text them 189 times (really) in one day. AND THEN TEXT THEM from a layover in Virginia. AND THEN TEXT THEM from a layover in Dublin. AND THEN TEXT THEM FROM KUWAIT?!?!!

Yes, I got a text message from Kuwait. I can now check that off my list of things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 25.

Go me.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

500th Post

That last post? Was 500. Yea baby.

Also have many more D stories that didn't fit. Sorry. :)

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D Gets it DONE

My best CT friend, D of the famed, “D’s Dish”, has heard my wild and crazy Vermont stories since the day we became BFF. She’s talked to my VT (boy)friends on the phone, come up with her own nicknames for most of them and can basically recite all of the pertinent facts and figures of my relationship with all of them. (Not like it’s hard. 3 out of 5 of them have the same first name and as far as my relationship with them? It consists of…drinking, picking songs from the jukebox, and drinking.) But still, keeping track of everything isn’t easy and since all 5 of these boys have mild/faux crushes on me and I’ve kissed all but one of them I wanted her (expert) opinion. Because of this, we’ve always said that she needs to make the trip north to Vermont to check things out for herself.

Well, the last three days of my vacation? She came. To Vermont.

I knew she was getting close when I got two texts in a row:

4:47pm- Seriously. I’ve never been to Ireland. But if I had, I know this is EXACTLY what it would look like.

5:22pm- Okay. It’s like… so eerie and foggy. I’m waiting for a Stegasaurus to cross the road in front of me.

6:12pm- - Arrival!

We had dinner with my parents and headed down to one of my favorite bars to have a drink with a couple of my friends and my parents. I don’t know what it is about D but WHENEVER we go out in CT she has this ridiculous ability to get guys to pay attention to us ALL NIGHT LONG. Seriously. She gets embarrassed when I tell people this, but it’s true. She’s a babe. A confident, head-turning babe. My entire family has met her and they would agree with me, but I’m not sure they really believed my stories.

Well. We bellied up to the bar and I introduced her to the ‘tender. His first reaction? “Wow. You’ve got great hair.”

He’s not even gay. I kid you not, the girl’s got a gift.

I promised my friend/bartender at the bar 84 steps from my house that we would be visiting there before the night was over so we headed back towards home and moved onto another bar.

We got there, ordered drinks and he credit-ed up the jukebox for us. (Sidenote- -the best part about being friends with the bartender aside from the free drinks is CONTROL OF THE MUSIC!)

And? That’s all that I remember of the night.

Seriously. I woke up with a raging hangover, a crumb-ridden plate on my nightstand, and a friend sharing my bed. Good times.

We were able to piece together the remainder of the night through received/sent text messages and the pictures on my camera. It wasn’t pretty.

We pretty much laid low the next day until it was time to go out again. We did happy hour, headed down to the waterfront for dinner/drinks and stopped at the bar on the way home. The bar was very quiet when we got in there so we were just visiting with the bartender (4th of July Boy) when I noticed a VERY cute boy at the end of the bar. I’ve seen him in there before and he’s a red sox fan (what more do you need to know?) so I asked my friend (the bartender from the night before) for the low-down. He’s a regular (go figure), went to high school with the group of guys who hangs out in there and has a respectable job.

I asked him why this guy hasn’t hit on me by now (okay, I can be a little forward/self-assured when I’m drinking, but indulge me) and you know what his answer was? DO YOU KNOW WHAT HIS ANSWER WAS?!?!??!

“Oh, well, I think he probably things that K (4th of July Boy) has dibs on you.


ON ME?!?!??!?!!?!??!


It was on.

I asked him to introduce us. He refused claiming he didn’t want to get involved. As we were arguing about it Cute Boy walks out of the bar. My opportunity was lost.

Turns out while homeboy wouldn’t introduce us, he had NO problem giving me Cute Boy’s number. So, what did Dana and I do?

That’s Riiiiiight.

We sent Cute Boy (now lovingly referred to as Jax) a text message. From my phone.

It read, “Hey, I should’ve said hi while you were here. You’re gorgeous. I’m the blonde sitting next to C.”

We had to sit there pretending that we weren’t DYING for a response.

13 hurried sips of beer later…

My phone vibrates.

D and I are internally SQUUUEEEEEING, but remaining calm and collected.

He responded, “You should have. I’ve seen you there before. I’ll be back in ½ hour- - had to let my sisters dogs out.”

And guess what? He came back.

And bought us shots.

And visited with us until the bar closed.

Even though he had to work in the morning.

And texted me when we got home that he’d love to hang out before I head back to CT.

We made tentative plans for the weekend, but some things came up and I couldn’t make it.

BUT… we have a date planned for the next time I’m home in a couple of weeks.

Moral of the story? D gets it DONE.

And I have a date with a non-bartender, non-hunter, non-high school rebel when I get home.

Woop Woop.

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Living with your sister? Is fantastic. I have a built-in person to...

talk to in the morning
make plans with for the day
carpool to work
go to dinner with
bounce ideas off of
get second opinions about outfits

So far? So good.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Day in the LIfe

I wore my bra inside-out today. ALL DAY LONG. I did not notice ONCE.

Why don't I have a boyfriend?!? ;)



I can’t believe tomorrow is September 1st. Where did the summer go? Actually, I know where June and July went (*cough* f’inggradschool *cough*)- - where did August go? I guess when your only responsibility is to make sure there’s enough beer/wine in the house and then drink it, it’s easy to lose track of time. The past three weeks in Vermont were, in a word? Incredible. I can’t even begin to explain how fantastic it was, how much fun I had, or how grateful I am to have been able to go home, hang out with my family and simply… relax.

That being said- - I have about 965 stories that I’m dying to share but I think they’re each deserving of their own post.

Graduate school started today, real school starts Wednesday and I’m back to teaching jazz tomorrow. This vacation has ended as abruptly as it started but I am anxious to get back into a normal routine and start working out again. (Amazingly, I weigh LESS now than I did when I went home but…well, I’m still a tank.) I’m in the new apartment, which I love, but I still have a ton of work to do here. The cable/internet should be hooked up tomorrow and I need to get my clothes put away and my desk area set up. We also need a couch. And end tables. The wine rack however? Is set up and fully stocked. Let’s be real- - I have my priorities.

I arrived to the apartment yesterday evening and had my work cut out for me but after a few hours of working I kind of reached my stopping point at which point I became very homesick. It was inevitable but usually I have Facebook or television to distract me. Since I don’t have either of those things at the moment, I had nothing left to do but twiddle my thumbs. Seriously. I twirled them in the kitchen. In the chair. In the bathroom… it was like watching a movie where someone is waiting for good/bad news. They’re doing the same thing in a MILLION different places/positions. That was me. I would have cried, but really? When you’re in an apartment. ALONE. What good is crying? For me, crying is usually a team/spectator event. It’s not something that you do alone. Don’t get me wrong- - I did tear up tonight watching an episode of 90210 but a full-fledged cry? Is best left when there’s a shoulder (other than your own) to lean on, and someone (other than yourself) to pour (a) glass(es) of wine after. It’s much more satisfying. Trust me.

I’m headed (semi) south for the long weekend to visit with my cousin and her kids from MI. I haven’t seen them nearly enough this year and I couldn’t be more excited to hang out with everyone all weekend.

It’s a new (school) year and I am so ready!